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Polka Dot Blue Halfmoon Manicure!

I got my inspiration for this design from the lovely Lovelynailsxx I wanted to try out a different sort of halfmoon and Polka Dot Halfmoon’s tutorial was right up my alley!
So I started with my must have base Rimmel 5in1 base & top coat, then I moved on to ‘Nail tip whitener’ by Natural Collection found at Boots I painted my entire nail with that using 2 coats, then when it was dry I used a proper average size natural bristle paintbrush to dip in to my Blue by Rio Nail Art, to do the halfmoons, I find that using a paintbrush for halfmoons much easier to manoeuvre opposed to the standard nail polish brushes, anyway that aside I then poured a little of the white on to a piece of paper and began with my dots (using my homemade dotting tool – a bobbypin opened up using the fat end for dots). I did a 3×3 dot design as my nails are rather short at the moment.
If you want to see my halfmoon video, which is basically how I do my ‘moons, nothing fancy, its here – Basic Halfmoon.
I really enjoyed doing this design and I will most defiantly come back to recreate this magic! Also, if you don’t want to do dots, then its fine to just leave the Blue & White halfmoons as they are, I thought that either way they looked super cute, just have fun, they’re your nails!
If you try the design out too, don’t forget to send me a photo link via Twitter or Photobucket!


Polka Dot french manicure

A twist on the traditional French tip

A twist on the traditional French tip

So I did this while ago, February to be precise! I had freshly turned 16 and I wanted something a bit different. Steering away from the regular white tip French manicure, I opted for something a little bit funky and shaken up!
I started off with my nail must have, Rimmel 5-1 base and top coat, applying my first coat of that, I then took to my Misstique (Teal) which is made by Missguided in the Nail splash range, to paint on the tip colour, I used its full brush and sweeped a backwards ‘c’ and then got a cotton stick dipped in nail varnish remover to straighten up the lines and the overspill on the side of my finger. I waited for that to dry and then took to the black Rio nail art bottle.. It has a built in thin brush, so I used the thin brush for the highlighting line just under the Teal. I then poured a bit of Black polish on some paper and dipped my DIY dotting tool (a pencil with a pin pushed in the eraser part) and created the polka dots with the pin head. When it was completely dried, I put a top coat of my Rimmel 5-in-1 on and that was it for 11 days! Because I had the black line under the Teal, it was about 2/4 of a millimetre before the hangnail, so no chipping and no real infilling to be done, fabulous!
Try it out and tell me what you think,I would love it if you switch up the colours! if you have Twitter, send me to the link of your photo reproducing the design!

Left-Right: Misstique by Missguided. Rimmel 5-in-1 base & top coat. Nail Art Black by Rio

Left-Right: Misstique by Missguided. Rimmel 5-in-1 base & top coat. Nail Art Black by Rio

Rimmel 5in1 nail care review

I swear by this product!

Rimmel have had this polish out for a while now and I’ve been using it since December, I wish I had discovered it sooner!
I’m the girl who changes her polish every 3 days, just because its always chipping and if I leave it on longer than 3 days, it stains my nails worse than normal.
I thought I should try this product out, because my nails had had enough, they were stained, peeling, chipping and breaking (just what everyone wants before the Christmas Party season).
It doubles up as a base AND top coat, so I applied it as a base, then I created an elaborate nail design waited a while and then put the top coat on.. My design lasted 10 days chip free! in fact, the only reason why I removed it, is because my nails grow like weeds on steroids.
A claim that’s on the bottle is that it makes nails now grow faster and stronger, it took about 3 weeks to notice the difference, possibly because that’s how damaged my nails were, but after that, my nails grow much faster than before, I’ve also noticed that, they may be stronger, but my nails aren’t brittle anymore, which is what makes this product so unique, as many nail strengtheners claim to make nails stronger, but with regular use, they actually make your nails go to sawdust.
I would recommend this product time and time again, I love it so much, I always make sure that I have a spare bottle in the house, just so I don’t run out.

Now that’s dedication to a product!

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