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Weekly Round Up (Edition:5)

So if you were living in England this past week, you would have experienced Hurricane Washout, the supercell thunderstorm with hailstones the size of golf balls (nice).

Being British, I ran out of ‘rainy day’ activities a long time ago, so I spent my time in front of the telly, one of my highlights was at the beginning of the week as Monday and Tuesday saw the return of Strictly Kosher, the show centres around one of the largest Jewish communities in England, Manchester. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I hope its commissioned for a 3rd series! Catch it on the ITV Player if you want to watch it for yourself!

Does the US have a leg to stand on if they get Julian Assange? Check out what the Economic Times has to say on the matter.

Andy Murray made history at Wimbledon playing/winning at 11:02pm! They had to get special permission from the council to play on.

Unfortunately that’s all I had lined up for y’all this week 😦 I’ll make up for it next time!
That’s all for now!

Edition 5

Bye Bye BlackBerry?

I am so saddened to hear that BlackBerry are cutting 5,000 jobs after another year of losing billions of dollars.
I have had my BlackBerry for almost 5 months and I can barely be without it, its never given me any problems and it does everything I need it to.
Most of the losses have been thanks to the Stock market. If I were CEO of BlackBerry, I would have removed RIMM from the stock board at the first sign of troubles. Ploughing back in to the company and making money from sales of actual phones ONLY. The Stock Market is a dangerous place, you can be up at $48 per share one day and the next plummet down to $21. Why would you take a risk on a game that is basically Horseracing for suits?
Go to Twitter and you’ll see millions of people using BlackBerry’s. Barack Obama was adamant that he kept his when he was sworn in to office, despite fears of the unit’s safety factor. Many business men rely on their BlackBerry for work and personal usage, they have important emails to sent during the day and they don’t want to be sitting on a train with an iPhone, trying to type accurately on a touch screen, one wrong letter and they are now selling Smurf Control instead of Birth Control.
I think that even in times of change, value for money and reliability speaks volumes. Instead of getting greedy on the NYSE, they should be working for the people not the dollar.
I hope that the end is not nigh for BlackBerry (Research In Motion) and that they do something to fix this nosedive that they are in.

I need you!

Having high pollen counts in the sky, is my kryptonite, on the first day I get weeping eyes and constant sneezing, if the count remains high for the next few days, then I get full blown tonsillitis, at the moment I think I’m developing in to full blown tonsillitis either that or my throat is severely burned from the new toothpaste. The dentist was handing out free sample tubes of the new Oral B toothpaste (with antibacterial properties) and I tried it this morning and my mouth was on fire! It was like a bad batch of Listerine, I had difficulty eating Lunch and Dinner afterwards, now just swallowing is painful. I’m not being a drama queen, but I think my mouth is sensitive. Anyway, fingers crossed when I wake up I won’t be sick because I’ve had Tonsillitis about 6 times this year already.
Which brings me to the point of today’s blog. To quote Uncle Sam “I need you*points to you*” because when I get sick I just want to sleep, not only will you be standing in for me when I’m sick, you’ll also have to post something original once a week. Sound hard? Nah if I can do it so can you! Email to join in!

Wicked Queen Halfmoon’s

Wicked Queen Halfmoon's

Wicked Queen Halfmoon’s

You’ve heard of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo haven’t you? Well I think I’m slowly becoming the Girl With The Halfmoon Nails! I’ve almost done 3 designs in a row that are Halfmoon based and I think it will become my trademark.
So this time around I got my inspiration from Disney’s Snow White. The Wicked Queen who compromises the innocence of the beautiful red apple that Snow White eats shortly after the spell has been cast on it. The Queen was my whole inspiration. I don’t remember what the Queen’s nails looked like in the film (they were probably red, as was the popular colour in that era), but I took my nail art to embody what I think the Queen really should have had on her talons.
So I started with my Rimmel 5in1 base & top coat, as the base. Then I applied 2 coats of Creation’s 128, which is a light pink. You may have trouble getting your hands on this product as it came from overseas, so here is the Creation Store to help you. Then I got my Ciaté Wait Until Dark for the rich metallic aubergine. To get the ‘V’ in the halfmoon, twist your finger so that the hangnail is facing you. Its much easier to work using stokes going towards your body rather than away. Then get your polish brush and wipe the excess back in to the bottle. Line up the brush, so that its on the corner at the cuticle and diagonally follows the hangnail corner, so this means if you start at the top left nail corner of the cuticle, you end up at the bottom right corner of the hangnail. Once you’ve done the ‘V’ you can know in fill the rest of the nail, put a medium coat on as you don’t really want to have to go over it again and then once its dry, you can stick a top coat on.
If you have small nails or you want to do your pinky finger, instead of using the ‘wide’ side of your brush, tilt the brush to use the ‘narrow’ side, that way you get a larger ‘V’.
This design is great for those who want to experience the popular Spike shaped nail, glamorised by celebrities, but haven’t got the opportunity because of the commitment or hazardous nature, then you can have a Spike in your nail without the sharp!
As always I would be happy to see your pictures, tweet me the result @LeilaniDiana!
Good luck 🙂

Products I used

Products I used

Final result

Final result

Weekly Round Up (Edition:4)

To celebrate the fact that my blog has now had well over 1,000 hits, I think I might just push out the boat and give you 5 stories for this week :p

England has had a bit of a washout week, as many sun worshippers and observers may know, we had the Summer Solstice, unfortunately for the 1500 gatherers at Stonehenge, they had a lovely view of clouds getting steadily brighter, but not a glance of the rising sun. Have no fear though, because if you missed out on seeing the sun in England, you can got to New York and experience it all over again! The Manhattenhenge happens twice a year around the 12th & 13th of July. Here are the best streets to see it on..

Meet Mugly he’s an 8 year old rescue Chinese Crested. Mugly just got the prized award of Ugliest Dog In The World. Yep, that’s right. There is an award for ugly dogs or let’s call them the dogs with a face that only their mummy could love and their mummy lives 5,000 miles away. The er proud recipient of this award is one of many Chinese Crested’s to win the award.

Which brings me swiftly to this article. Its not exactly ‘new’ especially after being published in 2010, but I thought it was funny: 100 weird laws from around the world features some of the funniest laws, apparently its illegal to make funny faces at a dog in Oklahoma, USA and in Samoa its an offence to forget your wife’s birthday!

Euro 2012 is heating up, and its not just on pitch where things are heated. In Krakow, Poland, Chef’s made the Biggest Lasagne in the world in honour of the Italian team! When you watch the video of it being cut, it made me feel more queasy than hungry to be honest.

And finally Julian Assange is seeking refuse in the Ecuador Embassy for what has been almost a week now. But Assange can’t leave now as he was on bail with a curfew of being home at the stated abode by 10pm and not leaving until 8am the following morning. Having slept at the Embassy, he broke his bail conditions, so now even if he just waggles a pinky finger out the window, he will be back on the ‘Queens’ soil and can be arrested immediately. His supporters have rallied round the Embassy, showing their dedication and support (can I go yet?). With over 25,000 applicants seeking asylum in Ecuador, he may be there a while, but I hope he attains the Asylum he needs and deserves :).

That’s your 5 stories for now and if there aren’t 5 stories, well then it boils down to the fact that there are 3 types of people in this world: those that can count and those that can’t!
Thank you for being as loyal as you all have been to me, it means so much to me.
That’s all for now!

Edition 4

Me and Astrology

I’m a big believer in horoscopes, I know that everyone who bought the same magazine as me for that week, got that exact same horoscope for Capricorn as I did, but I believe there is some truth in it, because my week has reflected the horoscope once or twice, I don’t purposely go out of my way to follow the horoscope, things just work out that way.
I was born 20th January, so depending on the magazine (English or American), the English say I’m a Capricorn, but the Americans say that I’m a Aquarius. Whatever they say, I’m on the cusp, so I have traits of both, I believe I’m more of a Capricorn though mainly because I was born in England and I also have more of the traits.
Here is my Natal chart what’s on there actually describes me to the tee, so I think its pretty reliable!
I googled ‘Natal Chart’ and I found two really good free sites, with a full breakdown of what all the rising planets and stuff means, they are ChaosAstrology and Astrolabe I genuinely recommend both of them, as I took a chart from each, to compare reliability and consistency. Both were consistent which was nice and they are explained well, but not dumbed down. Its a happy medium.
I’m also a believer in Chinese astrology, I am a Wood Boar/Pig and I couldn’t be happier with my sign, honestly. The Chinese Zodiac has more thought of traits, for example the pig has goodness, a sense of right and wrong, kindness and passion for what it believes in, but our downfall is over indulgence! Some famous people born in the pig sign are Julian Assange, the Duchess of Cornwall, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and many others, notice how all they do is kind and good things?
One thing I don’t really follow is compatibility, I won’t go out of my way to ask a person their birthday just to see if I’ll get on with them or not, if I find out later down the line, that the symbols aren’t as harmonious as they had ought to be, then I won’t terminate communication, I’ll let the friendship/relationship take its course and if it prospers, it prospers, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. Sometimes even the most compatible of people fall out, so don’t rely on a chart that says ‘be friends’ or ‘run away’.
Do you believe in Astrology? What’s your sign? Do you believe that your sign is a true representative of you? As always, comment below, you don’t have to have an account, you can just be a stranger in passing!
Keep smiling!

Why nail art is so popular

Its pretty hard to not to notice the current trend at the moment, Nail Art. Its the trend that’s easy to do at home or cheap to get done at a salon.
If you’re having a nail art treatment on your natural nail then that can come in at under £10 for a full set of 10 which will last just under 14 days.
Nail art, unlike a hair cut is much cheaper and you don’t have to keep going back for expensive trims every 6 weeks. Nail Art also isn’t like clothes, you can wear your mini masterpieces all day everyday for a good 14 days if you wanted to, if you wore a new dress everyday then you would get some funny looks to say the least!
There have always been forms of Nail Art in the world and through the ages, with the Chinese a few centuries ago adorning their nails with intricate patterned extensions, now you can have your nails in a long spike fashion with tonnes of rhinestones chucked on top or a demure french manicure with flowers going down the side of the nail.
I haven’t taken a Nail Art course, for me, its just something that came naturally, I probably will take a course one day as they usually only last a few days.
Here is a Tumblr blog that showcases some of the best nail art in the world, take a look at fuckyeahnails for the designs that really make you go ‘wow’!
Don’t worry if you can’t recreate the beautiful looks to begin with, it takes time and (sometimes) patience, search YouTube for inspiration and never give up!
The best thing I can recommend is to start simple, with middle range, non-gloopy polish and always use a base coat.
Share your thoughts on nail art below! 🙂

Polka Dot Blue Halfmoon Manicure!

I got my inspiration for this design from the lovely Lovelynailsxx I wanted to try out a different sort of halfmoon and Polka Dot Halfmoon’s tutorial was right up my alley!
So I started with my must have base Rimmel 5in1 base & top coat, then I moved on to ‘Nail tip whitener’ by Natural Collection found at Boots I painted my entire nail with that using 2 coats, then when it was dry I used a proper average size natural bristle paintbrush to dip in to my Blue by Rio Nail Art, to do the halfmoons, I find that using a paintbrush for halfmoons much easier to manoeuvre opposed to the standard nail polish brushes, anyway that aside I then poured a little of the white on to a piece of paper and began with my dots (using my homemade dotting tool – a bobbypin opened up using the fat end for dots). I did a 3×3 dot design as my nails are rather short at the moment.
If you want to see my halfmoon video, which is basically how I do my ‘moons, nothing fancy, its here – Basic Halfmoon.
I really enjoyed doing this design and I will most defiantly come back to recreate this magic! Also, if you don’t want to do dots, then its fine to just leave the Blue & White halfmoons as they are, I thought that either way they looked super cute, just have fun, they’re your nails!
If you try the design out too, don’t forget to send me a photo link via Twitter or Photobucket!

Weekly Round Up (Edition:3)

So yet again this week I really haven’t had anything interesting to showcase in WRU, but I hope this filling satisfies you as much as a bagel satisfies a New York cop (which is a lot I hope).

So let’s gets things started with Springwatch coming to its season end for this year, it was a fantastic year, even though a lot of baby birds died this year because of flooding, first time parents and cats. As per usual the Owls never failed to entertain and the best part for me was footage of a Kingfisher laying eggs and watching butterflies hatch.

Another story is from the Metro titled Man Complains about his sandwich to 911 yes, that’s right a man phoned up the American emergency services just to tell them his sandwich sucked.

Today (16.6.12) was the Diamond Troop The Colour, which is where the armed forces come out to pay their respect the Queen to wish her a happy birthday. The actual birthday (the day she was born) is in April, but they have a state birthday for the Queen in June, because the weather is more reliable. After all the Troops did they’re bit for the parade, the Royals descended upon the famous balcony to watch the flypast, the only planes that couldn’t attend were the Lancaster’s and the Spitfires, because of low cloud base. But the show was magnificent, more people than ever attended, which just shows the boost the Diamond Jubilee has given to our fine country.

Julian Assange has been told that he may not reopen his case against his battling extradition to Sweden, they are quickly exhausting all their cards to play to keep Julian in England for as long as possible, so it will be interesting to see what they do next.

And in other news (which is totally unrelated 😉 ) England beat Sweden 3-2 on Friday (15.6.12), thus eliminating Sweden from the Euro 2012 football championships!

I hope you enjoyed this juicy virtual bagel!
That’s all for now!

Edition 3

Dear Freedom Fighter

I have followed you since your alleged accusation came to light and I don’t think you did it.
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and even if you get found guilty, then I believe you’re still innocent.
I’m not burying head in the sand, hoping that when I lift my head back up to see sunshine and daisies, I know I won’t. I’ll see the same grey concrete and stagnant cars that I saw when my head went down, I am being realistic and looking at it from the only logical way.
This time two weeks ago, your appeal was turned down. I was obsessed with running upstairs to check the news every 10 minutes, to make sure the worst hadn’t happened, but it had and you were denied. I showed a more human side to me today, and instead of a sad film making me cry, just these three small words ‘have turned down’ brought me to tears, I would be lying if I said my face was dry whilst writing this.
I am of perfect mental health and the people around me can vouch for that, so I know I’m not overreacting to your unjust situation. I’m holding back in saying so much, because I know it won’t make any sense saying what I truly think.
I was at this place for a while, it was lovely, now they are trying to get it all knocked down, to put a Tescos in. The detrimental effects of what Tescos would have on the little country roads due to the influx of customers/traffic and the direct impact it will have on the high street shops were published and the plans for the Tesco development were approved, it was a ‘majority’ vote of 6-5 that passed it. How is that a fair majority? I believe they should of had a recount.
I’m 16, but I’m so unconventional its unbelievable, I detest Justin Bieber, because he’s all about ‘peace’ but does nothing about it, that’s why I support you, because you want peace, but you do something about it.
I’ll keep hoping, if you keep fighting.
Yours sincerely

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