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Dear Freedom Fighter

I have followed you since your alleged accusation came to light and I don’t think you did it.
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and even if you get found guilty, then I believe you’re still innocent.
I’m not burying head in the sand, hoping that when I lift my head back up to see sunshine and daisies, I know I won’t. I’ll see the same grey concrete and stagnant cars that I saw when my head went down, I am being realistic and looking at it from the only logical way.
This time two weeks ago, your appeal was turned down. I was obsessed with running upstairs to check the news every 10 minutes, to make sure the worst hadn’t happened, but it had and you were denied. I showed a more human side to me today, and instead of a sad film making me cry, just these three small words ‘have turned down’ brought me to tears, I would be lying if I said my face was dry whilst writing this.
I am of perfect mental health and the people around me can vouch for that, so I know I’m not overreacting to your unjust situation. I’m holding back in saying so much, because I know it won’t make any sense saying what I truly think.
I was at this place for a while, it was lovely, now they are trying to get it all knocked down, to put a Tescos in. The detrimental effects of what Tescos would have on the little country roads due to the influx of customers/traffic and the direct impact it will have on the high street shops were published and the plans for the Tesco development were approved, it was a ‘majority’ vote of 6-5 that passed it. How is that a fair majority? I believe they should of had a recount.
I’m 16, but I’m so unconventional its unbelievable, I detest Justin Bieber, because he’s all about ‘peace’ but does nothing about it, that’s why I support you, because you want peace, but you do something about it.
I’ll keep hoping, if you keep fighting.
Yours sincerely


Dear Anorexia,

You’re evil and you should be ashamed of yourself, you’ve ruined and ended the lives of so many people.
I wish you got anorexia and died.
I befriended a girl on Twitter last year, she found me after I tweeted something that she related to. We messaged each other back and forth, she told me her goal was to be 129lbs, every time she set a goal weight, she then set another goal and another goal after that eventually when she reached 85lbs, she was happy but I wasn’t sure if that’s where she would stop, in October she stopped messaging me and stopped updating her twitter, then her page just disappeared after doing a bit of digging, I found out that she was admitted to hospital, she slipped in to a coma and passed away.. It was your fault Ana, your fault she died, if you weren’t there chipping away at all her thoughts and beliefs, she would still be with us.
The amount of people you take away from us, they’re somebody’s daughter, son, aunty, uncle, niece, nephew and best friend.
One day, I hope that instead of wallowing in ‘why didn’t I do something sooner, why didn’t I see the signs’ I hope that we will instead have a society, that you’re no longer a part of, I hope you never ruin the thoughts of another person ever again, because its not just the fact you make people skeletal, once a person has escaped and recovered from your evil claws, you’ve already done your lasting damage, for all those people battling anorexia that wanted children, your lasting mark was ruining their fertility, as though its your cruel punishment for people leaving you and you don’t just stop at reproduction do you? You ruin their liver, their kidneys, and if your friend Mia is involved too, she ruins their teeth and their oesophagus, so you’re always there waiting for them to come running back to you, you damage the bone structure and you shorten lives.
There are many parasites on Earth, but by far, you are the lowest, most selfish, disgusting parasite of them all, if I saw you on fire I would leave you to burn because you leave your victims to die a slow painful death.

Yours faithfully xx

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