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Should the Age of Consent be lowered in the UK?

The current Twitter trends running around at the moment for London are “#WhenIWas14” and “At 14”. From what I’ve been reading, it seems that the Age of Consent is being lowered. Until I read a word of actual proof, I won’t believe this, but supposing the United Kingdom did lower the age (which is currently 16), would it make any difference?

There are so many questions that come to mind:
Children are already losing their virginity under 16, so does this law actually have a point?
Children aren’t adults until 18, so are they saying children should have sex?
Would a 25 year old be molesting a child if the were to have (consented by the teen) sex?
Is the body of a 14 year old capable of carrying a baby if safe sex wasn’t practised?
Is a 14 year old mentally developed enough to understand what a responsibility having cautious sex is or what is inappropriate or even the decision of having an abortion?
Does a 14 year old understand the repercussions of a nude photograph?
Can a 14 year old name 3 STDs?
Most 14 year old’s don’t know the meaning of ‘quantitative easing’ let alone knowing if they are ‘ready’

Here’s my view: At 14 to a girl, boys are just crushes, and that’s all they should be. Only rarely do we see “we’re childhood sweetheart stories, we met at 13”. With statistics showing that children as young as 9 have accessed or watched porn, there is still a lacking of maturity. Porn is great viewing, but when you’re curious about the birds and bees, its not a realistic portrayal of what goes on between the sheets, porn is a mass produced product, with 5 spotlights, multi angle cameras and (in normal films) 2 actors. An actor is some one who professionally trained to be someone or something to the highest standard, not once do you see the woman fail to orgasm or them using protection. The condom fairy does not exist, you have to do that part yourself. It doesn’t even show the ‘behind the scenes’ work, for example; the medical examinations and sexual health tests the actors must go through. At 14, you shouldn’t have to learn someone else’s body, you should be letting yourself grow up and you should learn about yourself, only at 16+ do these things really matter, and even to most 16 year old’s, they aren’t bothered if they’re getting it or not. Even though there are people as young as 12 in the UK losing their virginity, I think the consent age should be kept at 16.

Dear 14 year olds,
Your body is a temple, don’t mistreat it otherwise it will come crumbling down in years to come. Treat yourself with a level of self respect as morals are highly regarded still.

So, you’ve heard my view, now I want to hear yours! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and until the next blog, have a great day!


Facebook minimum age rule to change?

Its a well known fact that you can become any age you like on Facebook, just create an email address with the desired year of birth, sign up to Facebook and voila! You are now a 14 year old from Tennessee! Of course, most cases of Facebook fraud are by children aged 11 wanting to have Facebook and not having the patience to wait 2 years. I can admit that on my first ever facebook, I lied about my age *blushes* but I have made a Facebook profile since when I was eligible to join, so I’m not as clean cut as I’m making out, But at least I deactivated that account when I was old enough to have Facebook.
Facebook are now apparently thinking of putting in more Parental controls in the settings, so that Children under the age of 13 will be able to access certain parts of Facebook.. Really? The Zuck is that desperate that he wants kids to join now?
Zuck is the same man who encourages the openness of welcoming the world to your life, publishing life events, holiday photos and location updates, the same man who encourages this behaviour is one of the most secretive people going, he only published a handful of wedding photos and he very rarely uses up the whole 200 photos per album feature. Bit hypocritical?
I suppose, as much as I am against the Facebook demon, if there were greater safety measures on the profile for under 13’s, then I would support it. But for under 13’s, there should be a ‘friend’ limit, encourage family links and the account should be shadowed/linked with a Parent account only allowing photos that the Parent uploads to be used by the child and to not allow the child to upload.
You can’t really say to a person ‘no, you’re not allowed’, because when you are told something is forbidden, it makes you want it more.

Facebook flop

What have I been saying all along? Facebook shares flopped yesterday, after being hiked up, they fell by 11%! The Zuck dropped by double figures in one go, surely THAT has to be an achievement all in itself? Because of that lovely big drop off they wiped off a tidy $11 billion off their capitalisation (whoops!).
From the day I heard they were joining the Stock exchange, I knew it was a bad idea, facebook itself as a social network, takes 5 steps forwards and 3 steps back, there’s too much emotional attachment to it, for example, they roll out a new feature, people hate it and they take 3 steps back, then they fix a bug and take 5 steps forward. There is a constant fluctuation in the social network alone, so why they put in on the LSE and the NYSE is beyond me.
Still, we don’t see any of that profit being rolled back in to Joe Public, if it wasn’t for us, Facebook would be another wannabe social networking site gathering virtual tumble weeds.
I have no training or experience in stocks and stuff like that, because to be quite honest, its all pretty much BS, so alas I am just a mere girl, but I can see a bad idea when I know it, you wouldn’t let a recovering sword addict visit the Japanese museum of swords would you? Well its the same with facebook, in Myspace’s heyday, they didn’t go hopping around in shares did they?
Maybe, just maybe, facebook might be up there with the big daddies Gold, Silver and Banks (slow and steady wins the race and all that jazz) in 10 years time and if that happens, I will eat the entire Oxford dictionary!
Who knows, maybe stock predicting is a hidden talent of mine, but I sure as hell won’t be honing in on that, until its my very last resort.

“You can put a makeup on a pig and put it in a dress, but its still a pig!”

What is determination?

I have a thousand and one questions about determination, is it something we are born with, something we grow in to, something we become, what is it?
The reason I have chosen to talk about this is because, about 6 months now, I took up Romanian and now I am flagging, I get so annoyed at myself, as the same happened with Spanish, I tried and tried and it was like doing the flick test with un cooked spaghetti, nothing stuck! Infuriating doesn’t even describe how annoying it is.
I try so hard, but nothing works, I’ve even tried sticking post it notes around the house, but still it doesn’t work.
So now, I’m starting to question determination, if we are born with it or if its something we grow in to as a human.

My war on Facebook

“I shall express the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I understand that if I publish any fabrication’s, I am liable to get sued.”

I have enough mud to sling at Facebook until the cows come home, its intrusive, petty, socially killing, time wasting, bully spawing virtual garbage.
The ironic thing is that this blog post can be shared on Facebook!
I’ll start with the time consuming part, you promise yourself “just half an hour” which then rolls in to an hour and then another hour, for what? To see that really important status update of someone telling practically the world ‘omfg tonight is going off!’, really? Because its such a life or death situation that you need to keep checking your news feed. No wonder people are slow, sluggish, lazy and everything takes ‘long’ just climbing the stairs is ‘efffffforttttt’ *raises eyebrows* its because we have been trained to stay glued to the mind sapping woes of Facebook!
Now, the whole privacy thing, I read the entire terms and conditions recently, I even took a photo to prove I wasn’t huffing happy seeds and imagined the whole thing up, they openly admit that they watch everything you do, even if all you did was type something, delete it and not even send it, they still see what you were going to write, but this also means that they see who you interact with the most, which profiles you ‘stalk’ and now what papers you read and what kind of articles you like to see, creepy huh?
Next up bully spawing! The road of being bullied on Facebook is pretty much endless as once you’ve blocked one bully, they’ll ask their friend or even worse make up a fake account and start messaging you again, sometimes they’ll even go as far as impersonating one of your own friends, and then add you, you accept thinking its your bestie, when turns out its the bully back with revenge. Its not just one on one bullying either, you can see what pictures your friends like and the standing joke seems to be liking pictures of slightly large people with cruel captions added. Its not big and its not funny.
Coming soon to a town near you: Facebook, the social killer 2.0! if you let facebook in to your lives, it takes the joy and emotion out of friendship, because you’re constantly poking, liking and commenting, eventually you get the whole conversation that comes to a full circle in 0-3 minutes, at least with an email you couldn’t see if the person was online replying to stuff while you were waiting for a reply.
From personal experience, I actually had some photos of me, stolen by 2 ‘friends’ of mine, I had gotten close to them, but they still stole the photos and when I asked them to, they wouldn’t remove them, which has kind of scared me what with photoshop out there and all that jazz, for the record though, if any of you see a birthday suit pic of me floating around the world wide web, its not me, because I am not in to sending that sort of thing!
One facebook friend (of whom I stupidly introduced in to the world of Facebook), thought because she had no friends of her own, she had to add all my friends, and then she started talking to them as though she had known them for years, it made me feel physically sick, how could she do this to me? I wouldn’t have minded if she had actually met them, but she hadn’t. I explained to her that you add your friends, just because there is a ‘people you might know’ box on the left, doesn’t mean you have to click ‘+add friend’ each time, only add them if you know them. To this day, she still hasn’t unfriended my friends and she still hasn’t removed my photos. I have blocked her from my page and I have also blocked her from my Twitter.
Also, speaking of her has made me remember another thing, those groups (facebook does try to jump on them, but when you have 40m users, it gets kind of hard), the amount of times I have come across facebook groups with sexual content, including phone number exchange, meet ups and skyping, is ridiculous!
The bit I loved was the lack of security, they should bring in a rule, for example accounts made after 13/5/12 should have ID provided, and to prove a point of how easy it is to make an account, I took my (real) 16 year old, female, London self and in under 20 minutes, I became 52 year old Tomas Wyatt from Illinois. Obviously I deactivated the account straight away because its fraudulent to portray someone you aren’t, but I did it to prove my point.
I’m telling you one thing, the whole $100bn shares that they’re launching, I will NOT be a part of it!
Since I deactivated my account, I reactivated about twice and I was really creeped out to see that someone had private messaged me when my account was supposedly down!
I have no ambition to go back to the blue demon fulltime, because its a vicious blue hell, but I will not openly encourage users to jump ship because that would be defeating the whole idea of free media, I want people to have their own opinions on the matter and not my forced upon ideal.

By the way, to protect myself again, I looked up the meaning of the word slander, just to verify:
1. Law Oral communication of
false statements injurious to a
person’s reputation.
2. A false and malicious
statement or report about someone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Do people really care anymore?

Have you ever posted a one off sad status on Facebook, or been feeling really miserable and the closest people to you oblivious to how you’re really feeling?
I watched a 6 part BBC drama called The Tube earlier this year, it was real, non staged drama with scenes of how the London transport ticks along day by day, one of the most profound scenes, was this woman who was standing on the platform waiting for the train, the influx of people made her lose her footing on the platform and she fell on to the lines as the train was coming through and no one cared, it was their fault she fell on to the tracks and no one bothered to raise the alarm, if it wasn’t for surveillance cameras, they wouldn’t have known if it was another suicide or not. In another episode, a man was having a heart attack on the platform and people were stepping over him just so they could get on their train, yet again surveillance cameras played a key in it all, because they are watched 24/7.
How can you just step over a dying man?
I’m not trying to seek attention, but whenever my friends update social networks, I’ll message them to see if they’re alright, they thank me and tell me they feel better and yet when I’ve ever seemed upset, none of my ‘friends’ come running to me, I’m wondering if we are losing our ability to care? Of course, as always I will blame Facebook (but I’ll leave my facebook lambasting for another day), I also blame the government because they are the ones practically forcing parents to go to work more or less as soon as the child is born, so that key family bond and interaction is essentially lost, I know I can’t really sling the mud at the parents themselves because, what with the rising cost of living, being a stay at home (unless you have a very successful at home business) parent simply isn’t feasible anymore.
But growing up when the only times you see your parents for anything up to 8 hours a day, means they see more of their job than they do of the child!
Recently I have become obsessed with watching hit 70’s show Little House On The Prairie, its so refreshing, that in the old days, people weren’t the headless buck chasing chickens that you see running around nowadays, I was watching an episode today called ‘A matter of faith’ and I actually laughed when Pa Ingalls admitted that ‘the world is a terrible place’ and I instantly thought, that their time compared to ours, their time was heaven! No pollution, no excessive taxes or bills, only a small amount of keeping up with the Jones’es and the children were allowed to play outside and down by the stream without fear of Herbert the Pervert kidnapping them. They all had strong family ethics and not one of them texted underneath the dinner table whilst saying grace! If they had guests over they would always offer a meal before they left. Little House On The Prairie is a true story, based on the journals of Laura Ingalls Wilder, she documented how fine and loving her childhood was growing up in the late 1800’s, so I’m not just making a fabricated show of greener pastures up!
Ironically, I’m doing all this ranting on a BlackBerry®, king of the ‘why the heck haven’t they answered yet’ mentality, only difference is I put my BlackBerry® down when someone wants to talk to me (unless I dislike the topic or person).
When was the last time you wrote an actual letter? Typing one off the computer doesn’t count, so literally when was the last time you put pen to paper, and more to the point, when was the last time you had a handwritten letter opposed to the standard bills and junk mail you get on a day to day basis? Now when you file off an email or text you’re instantly sitting their at your phone like a demented dog waiting for you to chuck their favourite toy.. Ping me, ping me, ping me is what you start to think and symptoms of a. Text not replied to in that golden ten minutes are irritability, anxiousness and grumbly grinch.
So, I’ll give you a little test, see how long you can go refraining from texting, facebook, emails and generally other virtual correspondence that encourages us to become more and more antisocial! Comment below and tell me how well you got on, normally, the first 3 hours (if you’re a regular every 15 minute phone checker) will be the hardest, but persevere, because at the end of it, you can say you escaped from your antisocial zombielike state of button stabbing!

Good Luck! 🙂

Sick of the Spam? Let’s rise above it!

Just deleted some more spam from my comments and then logged in to Twitter to find some spammers tweet mentioned me! Seriously, how many times do I need to be offered viagra? I’m not a dude!
Its not just my mentions on Twitter and my comments here that get the spamflys buzzing, a great source of spam, are the trending topics on Twitter, the best one, I’ve seen on the trends was when Hyde Park was trending; Hyde Park caught in sex tape scandal, read here http://notputtingrealurlhere.btly…
Hyde Park in a sex scandal?! Its ridiculous and the spam goes no where because no one is stupid enough to click those links anyway, I think the spammers should just give up now, because everyone is wised up to the malicious software going around.
I would actually write down all the spammy usernames down and then email it all to twitter, however if I did that I would probably become a nuisance, but on the other hand, its like volunteering to clean up your local beach, so that other people can visit, enjoy it and leave with positive thoughts. So maybe, Twitter should set up a special spammers report email, and for just 10 minutes every week, everyone who can be bothered, could report spammers, then we could feel proud that we are making that internet a better place.
I know it sounds stupid, but Twitter has over 140 million users, let’s say 20 million of them are spam accounts, if just one million people reported 10 spam accounts in a day, that’s half of the fakes reported! with statistics like that, you really can’t lose!
Dealing with Spammers, Hackers, Viruses and other malicious ware, is a never ending battle, but if you can say that you helped squash them down, then hold your head up high.
Facebook isn’t excluded on this either, but it would be harder to find mass spam accounts on there as everything is so ‘private’..
Also, when I say rise above it, I am not encouraging any of you to go and camp out somewhere, I do not want the blame for the Twitter version of the Arab spring!

If you can’t make your real world a better place, then why not improve your virtual world?

I hate Mondays.

A very famous newspaper cartoon that goes by the name of Garfield, started the ‘I hate Mondays’ saying.
But why do we hate Mondays?
Personally, I love Mondays and the thrill of an up and coming new week to commence, who doesn’t love that fact? I am very much like a bull, I face things head on, so there is no beating around the ‘this is why I don’t like Mondays’ bush. Sometimes, I do resent Mondays though, especially if something I dread is coming up, like the dentist or a test.
But, what’s your reason for loving or hating a Monday? 🙂

Rich but Poor in happiness, or Poor but rich in happiness?

Rich but Poor in happiness.
Having millions in the bank, but never feeling the joy of not having to pay another bill in your whole life ever again, or feeling the happiness, when a butterfly lands on your nose.

Poor but Rich in happiness.
Barely having enough money to get through aa week, but smiling all the time at all the good things in life, your kids, your friends, nature or even sunny days.

Difficult choice isn’t it? But I know which one I would choose, if I was sitting in a room with that ultimatum, a lifetime supply of money sitting on a desk and next to it, a chute for all my money and assets because I chose happiness over wealth.
I would choose that chute.. Not being able to even express the love and warm feeling I get from just my dog telling me good morning, would kill me. Sitting at a 24ft long table, pottering around at what to do next with limitless money would be exhausting, because you couldn’t even enjoy donating £1m to the RSPCA or Save The Children.

Given the choice, what would you do?

When does Facebook get intrusive?

In an exclusive interview with ABC at Facebook HQ, founder Mark Zuckerburg revealed how he was going to add a new feature to Facebook.
In the next Facebook update, you will have a chance to tell the word (or your select audience) whether or not you are an organ donor.

My view.
This to me, is really intrusive and pretty pointless.
Because if a person dies, they organs have 8 hours before decomposition sets in. Are they going to track the recently deceased that inconveniently didn’t take their organ donor card with them? More importantly, would they just be allowed access to see this, or would they have to ask a distraught family member to check their page?
Another reason why I’m against this new policy is because it allows other people to guilt trip the non donors.
We can imagine it now, a facebook spat, all because so and so, didn’t say yes to being an organ donor.
I believe its extremely intrusive, what will be next on the ‘about’ section? What car do you drive? Who do you bank with?

So that’s my view on the whole thing, don’t get me wrong, I am a member of facebook and I quite like it, but sometimes, they demand too much personal information.
As always, feel free to comment on what I have to say and let’s have a mass debate*!

*No puns included.