I’m leaving the blog

For the past few months, I’ve known that I have wanted to leave this blog. I tried and tried to find the right words, but unlike everyone else, I’m not good at using the right words for a moment.
I know this post sounds like I’m being melodramatic, but I thought it would be rude to just leave the page and never update. I know that none of you sit eagerly at your computers waiting for your latest update from me, but I wanted anyone who stumbled upon the page to know that its a closed book.
People say that you should ignore hate and work on what you’re being criticised about, but its harder to practise than it is to say. I’m not cut out for this and its not as though this is a blog that will be missed.
My Twitter will still be LeilaniDiana and if you’re interested in taking over this blog, then please direct message me on there.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, as much I did writing it. Love and light!

Paint splatter nails!

Feeling inspired by the arty digits seen by the athletes at the Olympics? Well here’s something quirky, fun yet super easy to do in under an hour!
All you need for this design is a toothpick, a piece of paper and a dotter (a pin head or ballpoint pen)!

First of all apply a base coat to your nails (of course I use Rimmel 5-in-1 nail care), then once that’s dry, apply a white or very light grey coat to your nails, make sure its opaque, apply another coat if it looks a little streaky. Then get the colours of your choice, choose your first colour then put a blob on the piece of paper, dip your dotter in the blob making sure its got a thick coating and then ‘dot’ it on to one of the corners of your nail, get the toothpick and take it to the centre of the dot on your nail and drag it outwards so it makes messy little lines. Don’t worry if you make a little mark in the centre as you can always go over it again with the dotter. Then with the remaining blob on the paper, dip the toothpick point in the blob and lightly dot around the larger streaked out dot on the nail, so it looks like a proper splatter, repeat this on the rest of the nails with the rest of the colours.. Have fun with this design! Overlay colours, mix up neons and pastels. Just have fun! Then when its all dry and dotted, just apply your top coat (mine is the Rimmel 5-in1 yet again.).
A little tip is to use one tooth pick for each colour, so 3 colours = 3 toothpicks but if you want multicolour splats then just use the same ‘pick!
I hope this was easy to follow, if you get a little stumped, there are also lots of tutorial videos on Youtube!
If you’ve tried out this design, I would love to see how you managed! Good luck 🙂

Spring clean your follower list!

Want to find a twitter application that shows you what your follower/following list comprises of rather than “who unfollowed me”? Well look no further, as these websites are the only ones that I use and recommend!
A few months ago, I was getting an increase of followers, I wanted to find out who was a spambot and who was just a normal homosapien.. But that’s hard, as there are more websites out there that give you the opportunity to buy followers and to find out who unfollowed you than there are that show you who the ‘real’ people are.

Twitcleaner is one of these helpful websites, all you have to do is allow it access to your Twitter profile, then ask it to run a (free) report for you (it will also get your profile to follow their twitter page, so that they can DM you the link) and then once you get your magical direct message from them, you can check out who the spambots, self publicist, I am’s, low follow back content and all the rest in-between people are! Once you find the pesky user under the label you thought they might be in, you can just click on their photo and that’s them unfollowed! You will have to use discretion though, the report doesn’t track everyone down personally to see if they’re Frank from Iowa or Binary 2.1.0/automated.. Its comprised of how they tweet and interact, so if they’re always tweeting repetitive links (like most spambots) they will most likely be under the ‘dodgy’ category, but you might know a person in that category who has their own website and they may just tweet about it 24/7 and be completely human. This is the break down of headings for the (potential) bad guys:
Dodgy – spam phrases, @ spamming, duplicate links, duplicate tweets, app spam, advertising networks etc.
Absent – No updates in a month, fewer than 10 tweets, deleted & suspended accounts.
Repetitive – High numbers of duplicate tweets or links.
Flooding – So high volume you can’t see anyone else.
Non-Responsive – No interaction, those that follow back < 10%, streams that are all feeds (facebook, twitterfeed etc).
Little New Content – Retweeting lots or just posting quotes
Not Very Interesting – People who talk about themselves a lot, or aren’t followed back very much.
One of the great features, is when you’ve finished unfollowing, Twitcleaner will save what you did and carry out the unfollows slowly, that way you don’t get in trouble for churning. The best part is, you get premium service for no cost, but if you want to you can make a donation to keep the makers in tea and scones!

The second helpful app is Tweepdash, a handy little app that breaks your twitterverse down in to 3 columns: ‘Celebrity’ ‘Fan’ ‘Friend’.
Celebrity – where you follow a person, but the meanies don’t follow back.
Fan – where they follow you but you don’t follow back.
Friends – the following is mutual.
For each column, it gives you the choice relevant for the subject. For the celebrity part you can choose to unfollow them from there and for the people you don’t follow back, you get the choice to follow them. This service is also free.

A great feature for the tweet concious people out there is that both these services don’t tweet on your behalf. A tweet will only be sent by them on your behalf, if you click on the ‘send’ button. Both these services let you do what you want and only rely on what you do, they won’t harm your twitter, so give them a try!

Ecuador snubbed by Channel 4

29th August: Paralympic opening ceremony.

London Paralympics 2012 were set to be the biggest Paralympics since they started. The ceremony was finely balanced between Science and Astro-liturature. All the right people were there, The Queen, Prime Minister, Lord Coe, the Mayor of London and many other notable people. The only missing part was Ecuador, “where was it?” You may ask, it was there but Channel 4 blatantly sidestepped the fact, with Krishnan Guru Murphy hastily commentating over with “let’s see Clare Balding interview some of the Irish competitors” after El Salvador came out, the cameras cut to Clare and a member of Ireland’s team, she spoke to him as though he were a member of Team GB, but as there was a conversational pause so that the man could compose an intelligent answer, we heard from the Arena’s commentator say ‘Ecuador’, then after Ecuador were given their 30 seconds to walk past, Krishnan interrupted Clare saying “Great stuff Clare, let’s get back to the Arena”.. Erm, what was the whole point of that? Firstly let me say that speaking to the Irish team wasn’t important because he wasn’t team GB, that’s not the point, he was important. Every athlete has an equal chance of winning as the next. I would have much preferred to have seen interrupted coverage so that Clare could speak to members of the teams of different countries. It could have been done during the walk past of the bigger countries like Australia, Brazil, China and USA, instead they chose only to have one interview with a person from another country while little Ecuador had their moment. I can now see why they (Ecuador) said they wouldn’t release their decision over Julian Assange until after the Olympic games, as if they had announced that they had granted Julian asylum on the day before the Olympic opening ceremony, when the time came for Ecuador to walk through, you probably would have heard Huw Edwards saying “look an Alien” whilst panning to the sky, cutting all sound and letting Ecuador run along as though they were an embarrassing odour.
The part that really gets me though is that the Olympic and Paralympic games stand for equality and to compete without prejudice, but where is the fairness in broadcasting a country that turns up with 300+ athletes and goes home with at least 50 golds, when they refuse to show a small country that is lucky to go home with one medal because they only have 5 athletes?
As a viewer, I don’t care if a country is poor, corrupt or stands up for its beliefs, all I want to see those athletes do is play a good, drug free, fair game. I want them all to leave their inter-country disputes outside as soon as they enter the building. Because they are there to become Olympians not a government patsy and I certainly don’t want to watch a television channel behaving childishly.
So channel 4, don’t you want to see a game free of prejudice? Or are you politically motivated? Because if Julian Assange didn’t do what he does, then you wouldn’t have a story to report on for your precious news at 7, but yet again whenever I watch your news channel (which isn’t very often), I feel as though I’ve wasted half an hour of my life that I’ll never get back, whilst Jon Snow prattles on about JP Morgan being good guys and that England is in Recession, yes folks, that’s real *cough* news at its finest.

Should the Age of Consent be lowered in the UK?

The current Twitter trends running around at the moment for London are “#WhenIWas14” and “At 14”. From what I’ve been reading, it seems that the Age of Consent is being lowered. Until I read a word of actual proof, I won’t believe this, but supposing the United Kingdom did lower the age (which is currently 16), would it make any difference?

There are so many questions that come to mind:
Children are already losing their virginity under 16, so does this law actually have a point?
Children aren’t adults until 18, so are they saying children should have sex?
Would a 25 year old be molesting a child if the were to have (consented by the teen) sex?
Is the body of a 14 year old capable of carrying a baby if safe sex wasn’t practised?
Is a 14 year old mentally developed enough to understand what a responsibility having cautious sex is or what is inappropriate or even the decision of having an abortion?
Does a 14 year old understand the repercussions of a nude photograph?
Can a 14 year old name 3 STDs?
Most 14 year old’s don’t know the meaning of ‘quantitative easing’ let alone knowing if they are ‘ready’

Here’s my view: At 14 to a girl, boys are just crushes, and that’s all they should be. Only rarely do we see “we’re childhood sweetheart stories, we met at 13”. With statistics showing that children as young as 9 have accessed or watched porn, there is still a lacking of maturity. Porn is great viewing, but when you’re curious about the birds and bees, its not a realistic portrayal of what goes on between the sheets, porn is a mass produced product, with 5 spotlights, multi angle cameras and (in normal films) 2 actors. An actor is some one who professionally trained to be someone or something to the highest standard, not once do you see the woman fail to orgasm or them using protection. The condom fairy does not exist, you have to do that part yourself. It doesn’t even show the ‘behind the scenes’ work, for example; the medical examinations and sexual health tests the actors must go through. At 14, you shouldn’t have to learn someone else’s body, you should be letting yourself grow up and you should learn about yourself, only at 16+ do these things really matter, and even to most 16 year old’s, they aren’t bothered if they’re getting it or not. Even though there are people as young as 12 in the UK losing their virginity, I think the consent age should be kept at 16.

Dear 14 year olds,
Your body is a temple, don’t mistreat it otherwise it will come crumbling down in years to come. Treat yourself with a level of self respect as morals are highly regarded still.

So, you’ve heard my view, now I want to hear yours! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and until the next blog, have a great day!

Daily Fail

First of all, if there are any copyrights that belong to the Daily Mail, then I acknowledge them all, I would hate to ignore their fine journalism qualities!
I’m showcasing 15 screenshots of the Daily Mail at its finest, all the photos were taken in July and there were many more pointless articles that had either a lack of substance, spelling mistakes, or both in some cases!
Some of the stories are so poorly written, what ever happened to proof-reading? Their articles are full of spelling mistakes and missing words, mostly the online articles consist of this.. Maybe because the article is ‘virtual’ and can be edited at anytime, they feel the need to just publish the rough version? Is that how much they value their readers – we deserve the un-polished version?
One of their ‘apprentices’ shall we call them, is a woman called Samantha Brick, she rose to ‘fame’ after they published her article “women hate me because I’m beautiful”, since then, even after all the bad press and red arrows she has received, the Daily Mail now have her as a writer for them, her latest article is basically about why her best friends should not have the bad taste to honour her as a godmother!
Photo number 12, is a floater. They’re still in the wrong for publishing it, because its one of 2 things, scenario 1 is Miley Cyrus recently got some young dogs, now I myself know that excitable young dogs accidentally scratch your arms and legs, when my dogs were at that not full Adult but not Puppy stage, they are so playful, that they scratch. The Daily Mail claimed that the scratches on Miley’s arm were Self Harm injuries, they did not even mention they could be dog scratches despite the fact they were very irregular for ‘typical’ self injury cuts. But scenario 2, is that Miley did the marks on her arm, which was wrong for tabloids to cling to the ‘Miley is a cutter’ image, because it ridicules the person, rather than helping.
I hope you enjoy these photos!
Comment with your best Daily Fail story!

1.) According to the Daily Mail, 'more' is now spelt 'mroe'.

1.) According to the Daily Mail, ‘more’ is now spelt ‘mroe’.

2.) “reveals she open”?

3.) Man walks a dog without his shirt on.

3.) Man walks a dog without his shirt on.

4.) Woman wears pink high heels and wears matching earrings.

4.) Woman wears pink high heels and wears matching earrings.

5.) A responsible owner walks her dogs.

5.) A responsible owner walks her dogs.

6.) A woman wears an Orange dress!

6.) A woman wears an Orange dress!

7.) Lovers kiss on a train!

7.) Lovers kiss on a train!

8.) A pregnant woman goes outside wearing nice clothes!

8.) A pregnant woman goes outside wearing nice clothes!

9.) Teenage boy using a Camera..

9.) Teenage boy using a Camera..

10.) Woman wears trainers on a girly night out.

10.) Woman wears trainers on a girly night out.

11.) The best talents of journalism that the Daily Mail have to offer!

11.) The best talents of journalism that the Daily Mail have to offer!

12.) A woman who just bought some puppies has strange scratches on her arms, branded a cutter!

12.) A woman who just bought some puppies has strange scratches on her arms, branded a cutter!

13.) Spot the spelling mistake! Whats 'camming' when its at home?!

13.) Spot the spelling mistake! Whats ‘camming’ when its at home?!

14.) Lady GaGa (who has opened up about cannabis use) caught smoking 'something suspicious'

14.) Lady GaGa (who has opened up about cannabis use) caught smoking ‘something suspicious’

15.) A woman smokes a cigarette wearing a green dress!

15.) A woman smokes a cigarette wearing a green dress!

Things to personally achieve by September

I feel a little bit like Bridget Jones compiling this list. But it had to be done, I hate feeling like a failure and even though I know that once everything has been achieved on this list, I’ll still be a failure (I’m a typical Capricorn in my feelings).. But at least it shows I can make a list and do something, or it will be on the internet for time and memoriam to prove I can’t even follow a simple list if none of the tasks are completed, no pressure then.

1.) Be more tolerant of people, no matter how annoying they are. If all else fails, watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles to become like Del.

2.)Become fluent (or have the ability to get your point across to someone without the need to use hand gestures and grunting) in at least one language.

3.) Read at least 5 books this summer, you used to love reading and now you don’t enjoy them anymore, your bookshelves at night scream “y u no love us no more?”

4.) Try not to lose anymore friends, remember 2 years ago? You used to be so popular, now you can count your friends on one hand.

5.) Be happy, whether or not you’re always happy, you must always put that on the list, its puts things in to perspective.

6.) Try and get 5000 Twitter followers and 2,000 blog views. Because its fun. But remember to follow each kind individual back, its not nice if you don’t give back.

7.) Try and get more confidence, nobody likes creatures that blend in to the wall like a man on manoeuvres wearing camouflage and wring their hands so much that they’ve counted the specks on the floor.

8.) Empty your e-mail inbox and rue the day that you ever chose Hotmail over Yahoo, at least with Yahoo you could search for emails beginning with “Facebook” and click ‘Delete all’

9.) Curb your jealousy, hard to achieve being a typical Chinese Zodiac Pig, but you don’t want to become the person who puts Cayenne Pepper all over a guests meal because they got the promotion and you didn’t, in later life.

10.) Dare to bare legs and show toes (if the sun pops its head out).. Maybe your toes aren’t as ugly as you think and your legs don’t really resemble chicken thighs… But seriously, who gets cellulite at 16?!

11.) Try and blog earlier in the day.

So starting today, I’m going to get cracking on this list and by September 1st, I shall post a progress (hopefully completion) report!
Comment if you think something should be added to my list, help me get 5,000 followers and feel free to use this list as inspiration for yourself!

Weekly Round Up (Edition:7)

Wonders never cease as its still raining in England and the ark jokes have gotten silly and tedious now, instead the country have just stopped sharpening their brooms after Andy Murray fluffed up the Wimbledon mens final! As you all probably know, I didn’t publish on Thursday, I did it unannounced.. I went in to deep hibernation, hoping to find a warm sunny New York in my dreams, sadly I didn’t, so I woke up and snapped back to reality as Eminem once famously said! So let’s get cracking with WRU #7!

This story wasn’t in Manchester (UK), which is a shame because I would have had fun saying “this story really puts the ‘chest’ in ‘Manchester” alas, the story is in Birmingham (MI, USA) and I still got to say my joke! A bra was sold off for £1m in an auction, The blingy boulder holder was encrusted with 500 carat diamonds and 18 carats of Gold, taking over 12 months to make! I think that’s £1m well spent if you have a couple of millions spare lying around!

I am obsessed with dinosaurs, but even up to this point in my life, I like to think that the jurassic Stork brought bouncing 2 tonne bundles of joys to the arms of expectant T-Rex mummies and daddies. Earlier in the week, scientists kindly shattered this wonderful illusion for me, presenting How dinosaurs had coitus – describing every prehistoric detail.. I think I’ll stick to my jurassic Stork illusion!

Speaking of Jurassic (reminding me of Jurassic park), I found out why male mosquitoes don’t bite. They don’t have the equipment to bite, because they don’t need the nutrients in blood, but the female needs blood to complete her eggs!

3 stories, 3 minutes to read.. Enjoy and if you liked that follow me on Twitter! 🙂
That’s all for now!

Edition 7

Butt out cigarette snappers!

For the record, I’m not a smoker but for the record I am totally against what the government is doing to the tobacco industry.
I find it strange how one of the largest taxable commodities is being chased in to extinction by smoking, branding and display bans.
The smoking ban was understandable, but perhaps, it was a little over excited, smokers out in the rain (outside), non-smokers in the dry (indoors). Its like a partide for people who have slightly different habits than others.
The impending branding ban, means that all cigarette packets MUST be in plain packaging, supposedly deterring young people from taking it up.. Because people really go “oooh a pretty pink box, I wanna become a smoker!”.. Hmm yes *rolls eyes*.
The ban on display came in to force earlier this year. This means that all tobacco counters, in large shops/supermarkets have to be concealed with unsightly shutters, the idea behind it all, is if something is hidden a person won’t have the desire to want it anymore.. Don’t you remember when you were little and your parents had a ‘forbidden’ cabinet? Maybe it held liquor or money or even porn, didn’t you feel empowered to go in to it and steal/drink whatever was in it? So track back to the present day, they’re making cigarettes ‘forbidden’ from view. Well I’m sorry but I don’t see how that will stop people, in fact I have no desire to smoke, but those shutters are just so tempting!
The ban on advertising, has meant that instead of having Embassy on a Formula 1 racing car, we now have Carling on a racing car, that just screams ‘don’t smoke and drive when you can drink and drive!’
During the last half of 2010 and the first half of 2011, a total of £11.1bn was made, just from cigarettes sales in England. See the figures for yourself for Tobacco tax revenue its shocking.
£11.1bn is a noticeable amount and when the government delve in to their deep deep pockets, they’ll find that those missing billions were actually very important indeed.
What are your views on the bullying of smokers? Have any of these laws affected you? As always drop me a comment and don’t forget to follow me – LeilaniDiana!

Weekly Round Up (Edition:6)

As Rihanna said “cheers to the fricken washout weekend”, maybe she didn’t say ‘washout’ but if she was British, she would have done! So sit back, relax and enjoy the double 7 WRU edition 6!

Wimbledon is fairly normal, but this year records have been broken, seeds have been smashed and history has been made. For the first time in Wimbledon history, a Mens singles match was played past 11pm, it was a Murray v Baghdatis match. Going against health and safety wishes, they agreed to play on if someone was a few points away from winning. Keeping true to their word, Murray played on until 11:02pm, in which he won.
Serena Williams and Venus Williams became part of the first women’s doubles to play past 9pm, not going past 11pm though as they won with 10 minutes to spare!
The mens doubles final was a moment in history too, having the first Brit to win the doubles since 1936!
So history is being made all around, its a great time to read up on some Wimbledon facts and then some Federer facts and then some Murray facts ahead of the Mens final! Watch its as history is being made whoever wins!

Here’s my own little joke for the British weather; Had to cross David Cameron and Nick Clegg off the Ark boarding list, to make room for the Addams family!
If you have an Ark joke, comment it!

Not quite a round up, though Wimbledon is Legen-waitforit-Dary!
That’s all for now!

Edition 6

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