I’m leaving the blog

For the past few months, I’ve known that I have wanted to leave this blog. I tried and tried to find the right words, but unlike everyone else, I’m not good at using the right words for a moment.
I know this post sounds like I’m being melodramatic, but I thought it would be rude to just leave the page and never update. I know that none of you sit eagerly at your computers waiting for your latest update from me, but I wanted anyone who stumbled upon the page to know that its a closed book.
People say that you should ignore hate and work on what you’re being criticised about, but its harder to practise than it is to say. I’m not cut out for this and its not as though this is a blog that will be missed.
My Twitter will still be LeilaniDiana and if you’re interested in taking over this blog, then please direct message me on there.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, as much I did writing it. Love and light!


About theonlyavailableusername

A young girl finding her feet, trying to decide what to do with her life. This blog contains, opinions, stories, beauty and nature. All comments are welcome and if you like a post then please share it with your world =)

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  1. You could always return at a later date, nothing has to be set in stone, gl with whatever you decide to do 🙂

    • Thank you! I think I have settled to a much less posting rate, it got to the point where it was too much, loads of stuff started happening and then I started finding less and less time to update. I felt like I was failing my readers, so I cut it out completely to focus on other things. Now life has settled down a bit again and I think (with time) I could make a full come back. Personally I think there should be 27 hours in the day, but then again greed is a sin!

      Hopefully I get back to blogging soon, I missed it. Seems crazy that this time last year I was working my butt off doing up to 4 blogs a week… How time changes!

      Thank you once again for the feedback, its important readers like you that make the experience worthwhile!


      Leilani xx

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