Polka Dot Blue Halfmoon Manicure!

I got my inspiration for this design from the lovely Lovelynailsxx I wanted to try out a different sort of halfmoon and Polka Dot Halfmoon’s tutorial was right up my alley!
So I started with my must have base Rimmel 5in1 base & top coat, then I moved on to ‘Nail tip whitener’ by Natural Collection found at Boots I painted my entire nail with that using 2 coats, then when it was dry I used a proper average size natural bristle paintbrush to dip in to my Blue by Rio Nail Art, to do the halfmoons, I find that using a paintbrush for halfmoons much easier to manoeuvre opposed to the standard nail polish brushes, anyway that aside I then poured a little of the white on to a piece of paper and began with my dots (using my homemade dotting tool – a bobbypin opened up using the fat end for dots). I did a 3×3 dot design as my nails are rather short at the moment.
If you want to see my halfmoon video, which is basically how I do my ‘moons, nothing fancy, its here – Basic Halfmoon.
I really enjoyed doing this design and I will most defiantly come back to recreate this magic! Also, if you don’t want to do dots, then its fine to just leave the Blue & White halfmoons as they are, I thought that either way they looked super cute, just have fun, they’re your nails!
If you try the design out too, don’t forget to send me a photo link via Twitter or Photobucket!


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