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Taking a break

So I went over my data allowance, this means I won’t be seeing y’all until about the 3rd of June, I’m really sorry about this, but during my absence I’ll be finding more things to write about! I hope you all stay warm and safe in this weather, see you in about a weeks time! Also, don’t forget to like my facebook.. Ironically I gave in and now this page has a like site! Just type ‘TheOnlyAvailableUsername’ in to the facebook search bar! Bye!

Facebook and Advertising.

So from my sick bed (Tonsillitis for the 3rd time this year), I was watching a documentary on BBC2 called Inside Facebook: Zuckerburg’s $100 Billion Gamble.
It was basically stating everything I was talking about last time around when I posted a blog, but they threw another criticism in my pot, they talked about how we are becoming a walking commercial, look at your news feed (desktop only), on the left hand side, you’ll find the commercial bar ‘Ann Example likes Coca Cola’ so basically and people may not be aware of this but big companies use your face as an endorsement once you’ve liked the page, I personally think its a big slap in the face, because they are using people power to boost sales, what would you rather see? “Drink Coca Cola!” Or “Ann Example drinks Coca Cola”, Ann Example happens to be your bestie, so of course you’re bound to follow in the footsteps rather than a product that just says drink me. That’s how they play you, they are getting added revenue because its basically virtual word of mouth, only thing that isn’t virtual is the money, and do we see a penny of it after being used as a walking billboard? Do we hell!
ONLY become an advert if you know you are gonna get money, don’t be used as free advertising, because all it helps is the company and you don’t even get a slice of the profit made thanks to your endorsement.
Take a page out of the students who use their body as walking advertising real estate.

Happy to have been Home Educated!

Since I was born, I have been Home Educated, I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t have changed a thing about my childhood.
I believe its made me the person I am today, perhaps even a better, more open minded person at that.
When I look at young people my age nowadays, that were brought up in state education, are miserable, demanding, pretentious, arrogant, ignorant and behave like sheep. If one person says ‘swag’ 28 of them will be repeating that word throughout the rest of the day.
I grew up completely individual, and despite of where I grew up, I do have the local accent but I am no where near a clone.. The best way to describe it is, having an ant farm and only one of the ants being a red ant, that’s what I’m like.
I have a totally different outlook on life, I’m well and truly far more mature, I’m not a gossip or like every average teenage girl.
I believe that my growing up, has made me have more of an understanding of people older than me and not just socialising with those who are practically twins from other parents of me.
I’m more thoughtful too, something that a lot of young adults don’t have either.
Now, I’m not saying that all state education children are all like that, no, some of the non home ed people I know are the sweetest people, and I’m not saying that all home ed’s are lovely, some are quite the opposite.
I’m not trying to be selfish by banging my own drum of how lovely I am, I’m just telling everyone how happy alternative education has made me 🙂

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Everything out there either gives us cancer or panic attacks..

After reading an article in the Daily Mail today, I have come to the conclusion that EVERYTHING in the world is trying to kill us; that sounds a bit paranoid doesn’t it? But that’s how 21st century Earth is trying to make us feel don’t you think?
Here’s an example: “Dark chocolate causes cancer!” And two weeks later.. “Dark chocolate kills cancer cells and maintains a healthy heart!”.
Seeing a double standard here? Good to hear that I’m not the only one!
Of course, this isn’t just about the big C.. No, this is also about the fact that ‘an aspirin a day keeps alzheimer’s at bay, but may also weaken the heart’ and many other double standard stories!
Since when did we become a society that were worried if that lettuce leaf (pesticides) would kill us? What happened to just living?
SMOKING KILLS” well, I’m pretty darn sure that getting run over by a bus kills too!
Just eat what you want (except humans as that’s illegal and wrong) and don’t worry, because by next week, it’ll probably become a miracle food!

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Hello world!

And welcome to my new blog! Do you love Nail Art, Nature or just want to hear my opinions on stuff that’s current at the moment? Well you’ve come to the right place! Please feel free to give feedback, but keep the language and content PG friendly, as I want the blog to be enjoyed by everyone!
Thanks for reading and keep smiling! 🙂

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