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Things to personally achieve by September

I feel a little bit like Bridget Jones compiling this list. But it had to be done, I hate feeling like a failure and even though I know that once everything has been achieved on this list, I’ll still be a failure (I’m a typical Capricorn in my feelings).. But at least it shows I can make a list and do something, or it will be on the internet for time and memoriam to prove I can’t even follow a simple list if none of the tasks are completed, no pressure then.

1.) Be more tolerant of people, no matter how annoying they are. If all else fails, watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles to become like Del.

2.)Become fluent (or have the ability to get your point across to someone without the need to use hand gestures and grunting) in at least one language.

3.) Read at least 5 books this summer, you used to love reading and now you don’t enjoy them anymore, your bookshelves at night scream “y u no love us no more?”

4.) Try not to lose anymore friends, remember 2 years ago? You used to be so popular, now you can count your friends on one hand.

5.) Be happy, whether or not you’re always happy, you must always put that on the list, its puts things in to perspective.

6.) Try and get 5000 Twitter followers and 2,000 blog views. Because its fun. But remember to follow each kind individual back, its not nice if you don’t give back.

7.) Try and get more confidence, nobody likes creatures that blend in to the wall like a man on manoeuvres wearing camouflage and wring their hands so much that they’ve counted the specks on the floor.

8.) Empty your e-mail inbox and rue the day that you ever chose Hotmail over Yahoo, at least with Yahoo you could search for emails beginning with “Facebook” and click ‘Delete all’

9.) Curb your jealousy, hard to achieve being a typical Chinese Zodiac Pig, but you don’t want to become the person who puts Cayenne Pepper all over a guests meal because they got the promotion and you didn’t, in later life.

10.) Dare to bare legs and show toes (if the sun pops its head out).. Maybe your toes aren’t as ugly as you think and your legs don’t really resemble chicken thighs… But seriously, who gets cellulite at 16?!

11.) Try and blog earlier in the day.

So starting today, I’m going to get cracking on this list and by September 1st, I shall post a progress (hopefully completion) report!
Comment if you think something should be added to my list, help me get 5,000 followers and feel free to use this list as inspiration for yourself!

Me and Astrology

I’m a big believer in horoscopes, I know that everyone who bought the same magazine as me for that week, got that exact same horoscope for Capricorn as I did, but I believe there is some truth in it, because my week has reflected the horoscope once or twice, I don’t purposely go out of my way to follow the horoscope, things just work out that way.
I was born 20th January, so depending on the magazine (English or American), the English say I’m a Capricorn, but the Americans say that I’m a Aquarius. Whatever they say, I’m on the cusp, so I have traits of both, I believe I’m more of a Capricorn though mainly because I was born in England and I also have more of the traits.
Here is my Natal chart what’s on there actually describes me to the tee, so I think its pretty reliable!
I googled ‘Natal Chart’ and I found two really good free sites, with a full breakdown of what all the rising planets and stuff means, they are ChaosAstrology and Astrolabe I genuinely recommend both of them, as I took a chart from each, to compare reliability and consistency. Both were consistent which was nice and they are explained well, but not dumbed down. Its a happy medium.
I’m also a believer in Chinese astrology, I am a Wood Boar/Pig and I couldn’t be happier with my sign, honestly. The Chinese Zodiac has more thought of traits, for example the pig has goodness, a sense of right and wrong, kindness and passion for what it believes in, but our downfall is over indulgence! Some famous people born in the pig sign are Julian Assange, the Duchess of Cornwall, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and many others, notice how all they do is kind and good things?
One thing I don’t really follow is compatibility, I won’t go out of my way to ask a person their birthday just to see if I’ll get on with them or not, if I find out later down the line, that the symbols aren’t as harmonious as they had ought to be, then I won’t terminate communication, I’ll let the friendship/relationship take its course and if it prospers, it prospers, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. Sometimes even the most compatible of people fall out, so don’t rely on a chart that says ‘be friends’ or ‘run away’.
Do you believe in Astrology? What’s your sign? Do you believe that your sign is a true representative of you? As always, comment below, you don’t have to have an account, you can just be a stranger in passing!
Keep smiling!

Facebook flop

What have I been saying all along? Facebook shares flopped yesterday, after being hiked up, they fell by 11%! The Zuck dropped by double figures in one go, surely THAT has to be an achievement all in itself? Because of that lovely big drop off they wiped off a tidy $11 billion off their capitalisation (whoops!).
From the day I heard they were joining the Stock exchange, I knew it was a bad idea, facebook itself as a social network, takes 5 steps forwards and 3 steps back, there’s too much emotional attachment to it, for example, they roll out a new feature, people hate it and they take 3 steps back, then they fix a bug and take 5 steps forward. There is a constant fluctuation in the social network alone, so why they put in on the LSE and the NYSE is beyond me.
Still, we don’t see any of that profit being rolled back in to Joe Public, if it wasn’t for us, Facebook would be another wannabe social networking site gathering virtual tumble weeds.
I have no training or experience in stocks and stuff like that, because to be quite honest, its all pretty much BS, so alas I am just a mere girl, but I can see a bad idea when I know it, you wouldn’t let a recovering sword addict visit the Japanese museum of swords would you? Well its the same with facebook, in Myspace’s heyday, they didn’t go hopping around in shares did they?
Maybe, just maybe, facebook might be up there with the big daddies Gold, Silver and Banks (slow and steady wins the race and all that jazz) in 10 years time and if that happens, I will eat the entire Oxford dictionary!
Who knows, maybe stock predicting is a hidden talent of mine, but I sure as hell won’t be honing in on that, until its my very last resort.

“You can put a makeup on a pig and put it in a dress, but its still a pig!”

I made a little something to share with you!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well.. I made a YouTube video, so that you can all see what I look like. I hope to reallly get in to doing videos, even if it took me 24 takes just to make one video! Enjoy

Sick of the Spam? Let’s rise above it!

Just deleted some more spam from my comments and then logged in to Twitter to find some spammers tweet mentioned me! Seriously, how many times do I need to be offered viagra? I’m not a dude!
Its not just my mentions on Twitter and my comments here that get the spamflys buzzing, a great source of spam, are the trending topics on Twitter, the best one, I’ve seen on the trends was when Hyde Park was trending; Hyde Park caught in sex tape scandal, read here http://notputtingrealurlhere.btly…
Hyde Park in a sex scandal?! Its ridiculous and the spam goes no where because no one is stupid enough to click those links anyway, I think the spammers should just give up now, because everyone is wised up to the malicious software going around.
I would actually write down all the spammy usernames down and then email it all to twitter, however if I did that I would probably become a nuisance, but on the other hand, its like volunteering to clean up your local beach, so that other people can visit, enjoy it and leave with positive thoughts. So maybe, Twitter should set up a special spammers report email, and for just 10 minutes every week, everyone who can be bothered, could report spammers, then we could feel proud that we are making that internet a better place.
I know it sounds stupid, but Twitter has over 140 million users, let’s say 20 million of them are spam accounts, if just one million people reported 10 spam accounts in a day, that’s half of the fakes reported! with statistics like that, you really can’t lose!
Dealing with Spammers, Hackers, Viruses and other malicious ware, is a never ending battle, but if you can say that you helped squash them down, then hold your head up high.
Facebook isn’t excluded on this either, but it would be harder to find mass spam accounts on there as everything is so ‘private’..
Also, when I say rise above it, I am not encouraging any of you to go and camp out somewhere, I do not want the blame for the Twitter version of the Arab spring!

If you can’t make your real world a better place, then why not improve your virtual world?

I have jumped off Facebook Island!

Today, I had had enough of Facebook.
I’ve deactivated* my account before, but never stuck to it, peer pressure got the better of me! But this time I think the abstinence is for keeps.
Everything just came to a head, when I realised that no one really cares, a handful of people would like something, but no one really bothers to make a conversation anymore. I feel that Facebook has killed friendship and instead has replaced it with a hunger for ‘likes’ and comments.
Once, I actually caught someone that was really close to me out on a lie, she forgot, that if she commented on someone’s status, that I would still see it, I saw what she really thought of me and that her events for the day, were a total fabrication.
Another reason, why I’ve had resentment for this social gremlin, is because in August, I had a really important issue, I looked everywhere to get hold of an email address to contact them, in the end, I got 3. They seem to be a use each email once kind of site, as I mailed the 3 that I got and they all came back with a failure to deliver attachment. The addresses weren’t even that old! Eventually, I managed to find a part of the website (that was well hidden) to submit a ticket to complain, I got an email reply that was the standard generic reply which was basically ‘sorry to hear about your dispute, we do hope its sorted now. Best regards The Facebook Team’, so I filed another ticket, under a different subject and they had the exact same thing to say! They really have no idea of customer service, every time I have had to email Twitter over something, they have always replied within 48hrs, been pleasant and even fixed the dispute for me, rather than giving out instructions. I would hate to think how much difficulty I would be having if I had to report a paedophile!
I bet you didn’t know how much of your details and personal information was being watched and saved either, I mean, who really has the time to read through all their pages of crap? Well, I did and it confirmed everything I thought, is the link to what they do with and how they see your information, scary isn’t it? I apologise for the link not being ‘clickable’ I tried 7 times to make it blue, but it is refusing to work for me today! Don’t hesitate to copy and paste it in to your browser though as I reassure you that its virus free!
The worst part is if you ever decide to permanently delete* your account, I don’t think it really is deleted, my Aunt tried to delete* her account and even after phoning the lovelies in California I think her account is still floating around in cyberspace.. So really and truly, whether you like it or not, your virtual life is on their for the longevity of facebook.

*Deactivating and Deleting are supposedly different.
Deactiavating: you can always log back in to your account, there is no time limit until your information is permanently removed, so 10 years later, you can just log back in!
Deleting: Removal of everything, with no going back switch, but I and people I know have had bad experiences with is and to be quite honest, its about a useful as a chocolate radiator!

Now, the serious bit I am not exactly saying boycotting facebook would be for everyone, in fact I think if I started saying that everyone should leave facebook, I would get in to a lot of trouble probably and quite possibly I will reactivate in a few months (hopefully not).

So, how do you feel about facebook?

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