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Paint splatter nails!

Feeling inspired by the arty digits seen by the athletes at the Olympics? Well here’s something quirky, fun yet super easy to do in under an hour!
All you need for this design is a toothpick, a piece of paper and a dotter (a pin head or ballpoint pen)!

First of all apply a base coat to your nails (of course I use Rimmel 5-in-1 nail care), then once that’s dry, apply a white or very light grey coat to your nails, make sure its opaque, apply another coat if it looks a little streaky. Then get the colours of your choice, choose your first colour then put a blob on the piece of paper, dip your dotter in the blob making sure its got a thick coating and then ‘dot’ it on to one of the corners of your nail, get the toothpick and take it to the centre of the dot on your nail and drag it outwards so it makes messy little lines. Don’t worry if you make a little mark in the centre as you can always go over it again with the dotter. Then with the remaining blob on the paper, dip the toothpick point in the blob and lightly dot around the larger streaked out dot on the nail, so it looks like a proper splatter, repeat this on the rest of the nails with the rest of the colours.. Have fun with this design! Overlay colours, mix up neons and pastels. Just have fun! Then when its all dry and dotted, just apply your top coat (mine is the Rimmel 5-in1 yet again.).
A little tip is to use one tooth pick for each colour, so 3 colours = 3 toothpicks but if you want multicolour splats then just use the same ‘pick!
I hope this was easy to follow, if you get a little stumped, there are also lots of tutorial videos on Youtube!
If you’ve tried out this design, I would love to see how you managed! Good luck 🙂


Polka Dot Blue Halfmoon Manicure!

I got my inspiration for this design from the lovely Lovelynailsxx I wanted to try out a different sort of halfmoon and Polka Dot Halfmoon’s tutorial was right up my alley!
So I started with my must have base Rimmel 5in1 base & top coat, then I moved on to ‘Nail tip whitener’ by Natural Collection found at Boots I painted my entire nail with that using 2 coats, then when it was dry I used a proper average size natural bristle paintbrush to dip in to my Blue by Rio Nail Art, to do the halfmoons, I find that using a paintbrush for halfmoons much easier to manoeuvre opposed to the standard nail polish brushes, anyway that aside I then poured a little of the white on to a piece of paper and began with my dots (using my homemade dotting tool – a bobbypin opened up using the fat end for dots). I did a 3×3 dot design as my nails are rather short at the moment.
If you want to see my halfmoon video, which is basically how I do my ‘moons, nothing fancy, its here – Basic Halfmoon.
I really enjoyed doing this design and I will most defiantly come back to recreate this magic! Also, if you don’t want to do dots, then its fine to just leave the Blue & White halfmoons as they are, I thought that either way they looked super cute, just have fun, they’re your nails!
If you try the design out too, don’t forget to send me a photo link via Twitter or Photobucket!

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