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I’m back!

So as you all know, I had eaten all my data, hence my absence.. This time 2 years ago, I used to use my phone, solely for the purpose of texts and facebook, now I hardly ever text and only really use my phone for internet, blogging and twitter. Because of that I am forced to pay for texts that I don’t need, just so I can have 500mb *rolls eyes*, but I can blog about that again some other time!
Having no internet, meant nothing to stare at on my large square screen, nor did it mean sifting through emails half asleep when I had just woken up, it was wonderful! I think I might do it again sometime, though next time I’ll just use the ‘switch off data services’ button in the network settings rather than running out of megabytes.
Things get done when I’m not staring at my glowing screen. I actually have nothing to do, so I suppose saying that things get done, is a bit of an exaggeration, but I worked on my tan, worked on some more interesting blogs for y’all and I picked up one of those strange paper thingys, y’know the ones that have a front and back cover?
I must admit, as soon as I got the ‘Your data use has exceeded your Freedom Freebee limit. Until the end of your current 30day Freebee period you will be charged a daily usage rate (£1 per 25MB)’ text, my little heart sank in to the small gap between my shoe and toes, I thought I was going to melt without that familiar warm (loved) glow a busy BlackBerry provides you with.. But as you can see, the lack of email didn’t harm me.
I also think that I slept better, as I wasn’t kept up by that nagging “g’wan, just one more page” and then one more page turns in to twelve more pages and what was once 11pm has now zoomed by in to almost 2am!
I managed to get in to trouble with tree sap, nettles and other people.. Who needs internet, the virtual world, when we can get in to trouble with the real world!
I do have to admit, nearing the end of my abstinence I was starting to miss Twitter, mainly, not so much Facebook (for obvious reasons) but to be honest there’s no real point in missing them really, because no one messages me any more, but I am curious to see if my followers went up a little.
I hope you all behaved yourselves while I was away and didn’t get in to too much trouble, mainly stuff that involves cells, because then I would lose readers :p
But joking aside, its fabulous to be able to blog again and if I had the opportunity to make a professional career out of blogging, then I would.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Taking a break

So I went over my data allowance, this means I won’t be seeing y’all until about the 3rd of June, I’m really sorry about this, but during my absence I’ll be finding more things to write about! I hope you all stay warm and safe in this weather, see you in about a weeks time! Also, don’t forget to like my facebook.. Ironically I gave in and now this page has a like site! Just type ‘TheOnlyAvailableUsername’ in to the facebook search bar! Bye!

Taking a break

So I went over my data allowance, this means I won’t be seeing y’all until about the 3rd of June, I’m really sorry about this, but during my absence I’ll be finding more things to write about! I hope you all stay warm and safe in this weather, see you in about a weeks time! Also, don’t forget to like my facebook.. Ironically I gave in and now this page has a like site! Just type ‘TheOnlyAvailableUsername’ in to the facebook search bar! Bye!

Facebook flop

What have I been saying all along? Facebook shares flopped yesterday, after being hiked up, they fell by 11%! The Zuck dropped by double figures in one go, surely THAT has to be an achievement all in itself? Because of that lovely big drop off they wiped off a tidy $11 billion off their capitalisation (whoops!).
From the day I heard they were joining the Stock exchange, I knew it was a bad idea, facebook itself as a social network, takes 5 steps forwards and 3 steps back, there’s too much emotional attachment to it, for example, they roll out a new feature, people hate it and they take 3 steps back, then they fix a bug and take 5 steps forward. There is a constant fluctuation in the social network alone, so why they put in on the LSE and the NYSE is beyond me.
Still, we don’t see any of that profit being rolled back in to Joe Public, if it wasn’t for us, Facebook would be another wannabe social networking site gathering virtual tumble weeds.
I have no training or experience in stocks and stuff like that, because to be quite honest, its all pretty much BS, so alas I am just a mere girl, but I can see a bad idea when I know it, you wouldn’t let a recovering sword addict visit the Japanese museum of swords would you? Well its the same with facebook, in Myspace’s heyday, they didn’t go hopping around in shares did they?
Maybe, just maybe, facebook might be up there with the big daddies Gold, Silver and Banks (slow and steady wins the race and all that jazz) in 10 years time and if that happens, I will eat the entire Oxford dictionary!
Who knows, maybe stock predicting is a hidden talent of mine, but I sure as hell won’t be honing in on that, until its my very last resort.

“You can put a makeup on a pig and put it in a dress, but its still a pig!”

Diamond Jubilee Flyover

Yesterday, I was privileged to watch the Royal Diamond Jubilee flyover go past my house! Personally I think I had the best view, as I live just outside of Windsor, so all I had to do was stick my head out my window and there was my airshow, in direct path. No crammed or invaded personal space and no parking/public transport dilemmas!
I took as many photo’s as I could, I was a bit gutted over the big planes, as they had to turn early because they aren’t as fast as their upgrades, so I didn’t get any great close ups of them, but luckily, the ‘EIIR’ and ’60’ stayed in formation and I was one of the last houses to see it formation, later that day I was goofing around saying that 70 years on, Lancaster Bomber planes are still flying over our house, which is technically true because my house is pre WWII.
I felt so proud to be British, we have a fantastic monarchy and a happy Queen, we will be hosts to the greatest show on Earth in under 68 days, I know times are tough, be we as a country can pull through!
I know that I saw something that I will quite possibly (unless they create a potion for invincibility) never see another Diamond Jubilee celebration ever again, but I know that once is enough, because our Queen looked so happy.
I posted the album on Photobucket, so I hope you all enjoy! Unfortunately you’ll have to copy & paste the link in to your http bar because I still haven’t figured out how to add links that actually go somewhere!
If you want to use any of the photos please contact me before you reproduce them, as copyright belongs to me.

I made a little something to share with you!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well.. I made a YouTube video, so that you can all see what I look like. I hope to reallly get in to doing videos, even if it took me 24 takes just to make one video! Enjoy

Donna Summer: The Queen of Disco

Yesterday morning (17/5/12), Donna Summer died after a long battle with lung Cancer.
LaDonna Adrian Gaines or better known by her stage name Donna Summer was born on December 31st, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts, she was a multi platinum, five time Grammy Award winner with a Mezzo-soprano vocal range, Donna found great ease transitioning from pop to disco to contemporary.
Donna was one of seven children and in her young adult years, she became fluent in German. Summer’s mother was asked about her daughter’s love of singing she was quoted saying “She literally loved to sing. She used to go through the house singing, singing. She sang for breakfast and for lunch and for supper.” At just 10, Summer’s public vocal debut was at her local church, becoming the replacement of a tardy performer, her priest had previously assumed that the performance would be amusing, thinking very little of the traditional slim ten year old girl stature, until she sang, everyone realised that she had a voice that far surpassed her tender age. Summer herself recalled that as she sang, “I started crying, everybody else started crying. It was quite an amazing moment in my life and at some point after I heard my voice came out I felt like God was saying to me ‘Donna, you’re going to be very, very famous’ and I knew from that day on that I would be famous.”. She may have been the church angel, but during her teenage years, she became rebellious, skipping going home to attend parties instead, riding against her parents’ strict curfew. In 1967, weeks
before graduation, Summer left for New York where she was a member of the blues-rock band, Crow. After they were turned down by every record label going, Crow agreed to break up. Summer stayed in NY and auditioned for a role in the musical, Hair. Summer didn’t get the NY role, but was offered a role in the same production, but in Munich so with her parents’ reluctant approval she moved to Germany. Whilst in Germany, she participated in the musicals Ich Bin Ich, Godspell and Show Boat. Within three years, she moved to Vienna, Austria and joined the Viennese Folk Opera. She briefly toured with an ensemble musician group called FamilyTree, the brainchild of producer Guenter “Yogi” Lauke. Summer released her first single, in 1971, which was a cover of The Jaynetts’ “Sally Go ‘Round the
Roses”. In 1975, the magical Love to Love You Baby was created, Donna explained that she had thought of how the song might sound if Marilyn Monroe had sung it and began cooing the lyrics. By early 1976, “Love To Love You Baby” reached #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100, but the song had started controversy due to Summer’s moans and groans and some American and European radio stations, including the BBC, refused to play it. Yet”Love to Love You Baby” found chart success in several European countries, and made the Top 5 in the UK despite the BBC ban.
Awkwardly, Summer was misunderstood and in the 80’s a hate campaign had been launched after her, because she was misquoted and came across as homophobic, being guarded from the hate, Donna eventually found out about the controversy and explained how her words were taken out of context, and that she supported same sex relationships as many of the people she had worked with were homosexual.
During her musical career, Donna had also realised many a Christmas song.
It was claimed that Summer had a sixth sense and that she had known one month before the September 11 Attacks had happened, that she had a premonition revealing that they would fall. Summer who was living in Manhattan she was unable to leave her bedroom after the attacks, and she had blamed her lung cancer on inhaling toxic dust from the fallen towers.
Donna was married twice and had 3 daughters, one from her first marriage and then 2 from her second marriage, Summer also, got her last name from the English translate of Sommer, which was her first husbands last name.
Summer had regularly talked about her early fast paced successful years as a period of confusion and anxiety. By mid-1977, struggling with the media’s crowning her “the first lady of love”, she began suffering from depression and anxiety attacks. Summer mentioned in her memoirs that she had attempted suicide several times. This was all brought on because of her rapid rise to success combined with some big regrets about mistakes in her personal life. During her hard times, she self-medicated on prescription meds, resulting in an addiction. Following a nervous
breakdown at her home in 1979,
Summer went to a local church with her sister and declared herself a born-again Christian. Summer then decided that from then on, she would no longer perform the song that had won her international fame and recognition, ” Love to Love You
Baby”. A quarter of a century later, however, she began performing the song again.

Some famous Donna Summer quotes are listed —

“A friend of mine called and said they’re interested in having you do a song for the new Pokemon. All my kids are grown up, so I’d heard of it, but I didn’t really know what it was.”
“And I mean, I’m established. So I’m not worried about having a hit at this point in my career.”
“Because I’m just an ordinary person that did some extraordinary things.”
“But I like to know that someone is stronger than I am. I want to be able to know that if I get tired, somebody is there to hold up the fort. I like knowing that I can’t pick a refrigerator alone. God did not make me strong enough to do that.”

The Queen of Disco, may be gone too soon, but she will most defiantly not be forgotten.

What is determination?

I have a thousand and one questions about determination, is it something we are born with, something we grow in to, something we become, what is it?
The reason I have chosen to talk about this is because, about 6 months now, I took up Romanian and now I am flagging, I get so annoyed at myself, as the same happened with Spanish, I tried and tried and it was like doing the flick test with un cooked spaghetti, nothing stuck! Infuriating doesn’t even describe how annoying it is.
I try so hard, but nothing works, I’ve even tried sticking post it notes around the house, but still it doesn’t work.
So now, I’m starting to question determination, if we are born with it or if its something we grow in to as a human.

Happy 1st Month birthday blog!

Its a month today since I started this blog, with (currently) 650 views I am so proud of the growth its received in just a month!
I hope you’ve all been enjoying my ramblings. Please don’t hesitate to comment, as all comments can now be anonymous, but I would appreciate if you left with a name, just so you have that human element 🙂
Also, as my blog grows, I’ll be looking for some guest bloggers, someone whose like minded and writes well, if spelling is an issue don’t worry, I’ll tidy the article up before its published, submit your posts to and if you have something that you’d like me to blog about, then I’m only an email away!
I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog, keep healthy and keep smiling 😀

Facebook and Advertising.

So from my sick bed (Tonsillitis for the 3rd time this year), I was watching a documentary on BBC2 called Inside Facebook: Zuckerburg’s $100 Billion Gamble.
It was basically stating everything I was talking about last time around when I posted a blog, but they threw another criticism in my pot, they talked about how we are becoming a walking commercial, look at your news feed (desktop only), on the left hand side, you’ll find the commercial bar ‘Ann Example likes Coca Cola’ so basically and people may not be aware of this but big companies use your face as an endorsement once you’ve liked the page, I personally think its a big slap in the face, because they are using people power to boost sales, what would you rather see? “Drink Coca Cola!” Or “Ann Example drinks Coca Cola”, Ann Example happens to be your bestie, so of course you’re bound to follow in the footsteps rather than a product that just says drink me. That’s how they play you, they are getting added revenue because its basically virtual word of mouth, only thing that isn’t virtual is the money, and do we see a penny of it after being used as a walking billboard? Do we hell!
ONLY become an advert if you know you are gonna get money, don’t be used as free advertising, because all it helps is the company and you don’t even get a slice of the profit made thanks to your endorsement.
Take a page out of the students who use their body as walking advertising real estate.

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