About The Blog

This is TheOnlyAvailableUsername.
I guarantee to blog personally every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (4 out of 7 ain’t bad eh?), guest bloggers will periodically appear too.
I did a trial of blogging everyday, but because of the rushed product, the articles weren’t as jam packed with quality than if I were to work on them for longer periods of time.
Regular features will include, my weekly round up blog out every Saturday which is filled with things that are overshadowed in the news, what’s hot at the moment and some fun stuff chucked in. I also blog about Languages, what annoys me and current issues.
I will post ‘special’ blogs, on days off, if something momentous happens.
In my blog, light outweighs dark and honesty prevails, so if you have a heart made of coal, beware: I might turn it to beating flesh.

I also post vlogs on YouTube, when I’m feeling too lazy to type! So subscribe to me on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/LeilaniDiana
But if interactive social networks are more your thing, follow me on Twitter @LeilaniDiana or ‘like’ the official Facebook page, just type ‘TheOnlyAvailableUsername’ in to the Facebook search bar and there I am!
If you have any suggestions for the page or you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, just email opinionsplease@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you, come again!


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