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Weekly Round Up (Edition:7)

Wonders never cease as its still raining in England and the ark jokes have gotten silly and tedious now, instead the country have just stopped sharpening their brooms after Andy Murray fluffed up the Wimbledon mens final! As you all probably know, I didn’t publish on Thursday, I did it unannounced.. I went in to deep hibernation, hoping to find a warm sunny New York in my dreams, sadly I didn’t, so I woke up and snapped back to reality as Eminem once famously said! So let’s get cracking with WRU #7!

This story wasn’t in Manchester (UK), which is a shame because I would have had fun saying “this story really puts the ‘chest’ in ‘Manchester” alas, the story is in Birmingham (MI, USA) and I still got to say my joke! A bra was sold off for £1m in an auction, The blingy boulder holder was encrusted with 500 carat diamonds and 18 carats of Gold, taking over 12 months to make! I think that’s £1m well spent if you have a couple of millions spare lying around!

I am obsessed with dinosaurs, but even up to this point in my life, I like to think that the jurassic Stork brought bouncing 2 tonne bundles of joys to the arms of expectant T-Rex mummies and daddies. Earlier in the week, scientists kindly shattered this wonderful illusion for me, presenting How dinosaurs had coitus – describing every prehistoric detail.. I think I’ll stick to my jurassic Stork illusion!

Speaking of Jurassic (reminding me of Jurassic park), I found out why male mosquitoes don’t bite. They don’t have the equipment to bite, because they don’t need the nutrients in blood, but the female needs blood to complete her eggs!

3 stories, 3 minutes to read.. Enjoy and if you liked that follow me on Twitter! 🙂
That’s all for now!

Edition 7

Weekly Round Up (Edition:6)

As Rihanna said “cheers to the fricken washout weekend”, maybe she didn’t say ‘washout’ but if she was British, she would have done! So sit back, relax and enjoy the double 7 WRU edition 6!

Wimbledon is fairly normal, but this year records have been broken, seeds have been smashed and history has been made. For the first time in Wimbledon history, a Mens singles match was played past 11pm, it was a Murray v Baghdatis match. Going against health and safety wishes, they agreed to play on if someone was a few points away from winning. Keeping true to their word, Murray played on until 11:02pm, in which he won.
Serena Williams and Venus Williams became part of the first women’s doubles to play past 9pm, not going past 11pm though as they won with 10 minutes to spare!
The mens doubles final was a moment in history too, having the first Brit to win the doubles since 1936!
So history is being made all around, its a great time to read up on some Wimbledon facts and then some Federer facts and then some Murray facts ahead of the Mens final! Watch its as history is being made whoever wins!

Here’s my own little joke for the British weather; Had to cross David Cameron and Nick Clegg off the Ark boarding list, to make room for the Addams family!
If you have an Ark joke, comment it!

Not quite a round up, though Wimbledon is Legen-waitforit-Dary!
That’s all for now!

Edition 6

Weekly Round Up (Edition:5)

So if you were living in England this past week, you would have experienced Hurricane Washout, the supercell thunderstorm with hailstones the size of golf balls (nice).

Being British, I ran out of ‘rainy day’ activities a long time ago, so I spent my time in front of the telly, one of my highlights was at the beginning of the week as Monday and Tuesday saw the return of Strictly Kosher, the show centres around one of the largest Jewish communities in England, Manchester. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I hope its commissioned for a 3rd series! Catch it on the ITV Player if you want to watch it for yourself!

Does the US have a leg to stand on if they get Julian Assange? Check out what the Economic Times has to say on the matter.

Andy Murray made history at Wimbledon playing/winning at 11:02pm! They had to get special permission from the council to play on.

Unfortunately that’s all I had lined up for y’all this week 😦 I’ll make up for it next time!
That’s all for now!

Edition 5

Weekly Round Up (Edition:4)

To celebrate the fact that my blog has now had well over 1,000 hits, I think I might just push out the boat and give you 5 stories for this week :p

England has had a bit of a washout week, as many sun worshippers and observers may know, we had the Summer Solstice, unfortunately for the 1500 gatherers at Stonehenge, they had a lovely view of clouds getting steadily brighter, but not a glance of the rising sun. Have no fear though, because if you missed out on seeing the sun in England, you can got to New York and experience it all over again! The Manhattenhenge happens twice a year around the 12th & 13th of July. Here are the best streets to see it on..

Meet Mugly he’s an 8 year old rescue Chinese Crested. Mugly just got the prized award of Ugliest Dog In The World. Yep, that’s right. There is an award for ugly dogs or let’s call them the dogs with a face that only their mummy could love and their mummy lives 5,000 miles away. The er proud recipient of this award is one of many Chinese Crested’s to win the award.

Which brings me swiftly to this article. Its not exactly ‘new’ especially after being published in 2010, but I thought it was funny: 100 weird laws from around the world features some of the funniest laws, apparently its illegal to make funny faces at a dog in Oklahoma, USA and in Samoa its an offence to forget your wife’s birthday!

Euro 2012 is heating up, and its not just on pitch where things are heated. In Krakow, Poland, Chef’s made the Biggest Lasagne in the world in honour of the Italian team! When you watch the video of it being cut, it made me feel more queasy than hungry to be honest.

And finally Julian Assange is seeking refuse in the Ecuador Embassy for what has been almost a week now. But Assange can’t leave now as he was on bail with a curfew of being home at the stated abode by 10pm and not leaving until 8am the following morning. Having slept at the Embassy, he broke his bail conditions, so now even if he just waggles a pinky finger out the window, he will be back on the ‘Queens’ soil and can be arrested immediately. His supporters have rallied round the Embassy, showing their dedication and support (can I go yet?). With over 25,000 applicants seeking asylum in Ecuador, he may be there a while, but I hope he attains the Asylum he needs and deserves :).

That’s your 5 stories for now and if there aren’t 5 stories, well then it boils down to the fact that there are 3 types of people in this world: those that can count and those that can’t!
Thank you for being as loyal as you all have been to me, it means so much to me.
That’s all for now!

Edition 4

Weekly Round Up (Edition:3)

So yet again this week I really haven’t had anything interesting to showcase in WRU, but I hope this filling satisfies you as much as a bagel satisfies a New York cop (which is a lot I hope).

So let’s gets things started with Springwatch coming to its season end for this year, it was a fantastic year, even though a lot of baby birds died this year because of flooding, first time parents and cats. As per usual the Owls never failed to entertain and the best part for me was footage of a Kingfisher laying eggs and watching butterflies hatch.

Another story is from the Metro titled Man Complains about his sandwich to 911 yes, that’s right a man phoned up the American emergency services just to tell them his sandwich sucked.

Today (16.6.12) was the Diamond Troop The Colour, which is where the armed forces come out to pay their respect the Queen to wish her a happy birthday. The actual birthday (the day she was born) is in April, but they have a state birthday for the Queen in June, because the weather is more reliable. After all the Troops did they’re bit for the parade, the Royals descended upon the famous balcony to watch the flypast, the only planes that couldn’t attend were the Lancaster’s and the Spitfires, because of low cloud base. But the show was magnificent, more people than ever attended, which just shows the boost the Diamond Jubilee has given to our fine country.

Julian Assange has been told that he may not reopen his case against his battling extradition to Sweden, they are quickly exhausting all their cards to play to keep Julian in England for as long as possible, so it will be interesting to see what they do next.

And in other news (which is totally unrelated 😉 ) England beat Sweden 3-2 on Friday (15.6.12), thus eliminating Sweden from the Euro 2012 football championships!

I hope you enjoyed this juicy virtual bagel!
That’s all for now!

Edition 3

Weekly Round Up (Edition:2)

Welcome to the second edition to WRU, sit back and enjoy!

So unless you were living under a rock for the past few months, you wouldn’t have escaped the words ‘Diamond’, ‘Queen’, ‘Patriotic’ and ‘Jubilee for more than an hour I expect, but in this edition, I’m going to tell you about the slightly overshadowed and sometimes quirky stories of the week!

A British Euromillions ticket holder has scooped £63.8m on the jackpot this Friday, the person/couple haven’t come forward yet, but they are the sixth British player(s) that have won the top prize. The entire amount they have won is £63,837,543.60. I wouldn’t mind winning some of that cash!

In a survey by Skipton Building Society, the Telegraph reported the 50 signs that you’re an adult, from having a mortgage to owning a hoover you can read about it all here 50 signs you are an adult to be quite honest though, none of those to me are actual things to being an adult.. What happened to being a great mum or being a role model? Surely those are more important than keeping an eye out on the interest rates?

A bidder has paid $3.5m to dine with Warren Buffett… Who? I’ve never heard of him but apparently that’s how much someone wants to pay to eat with him, but don’t worry, it doesn’t go in Buffett’s pocket, all the proceeds go to fund the local homeless shelter. From what I read, Buffett is a Billionaire from Nebraska. I still have no idea who he is, but I’m sure that if we had millions in the bank, then we would help a homeless charity too 🙂

3 stories are hardly news, but I hope they made you smile 🙂
That’s all for now!

Edition 2

Diamond Jubilee Round Up!

Tuesday was the last day of the 4 day extravaganza which was the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, for many, it meant 2 extra days off all the stresses of life – work, school and general life. Let’s take a moment to look back at the festivities.
The first day of the celebrations was Sunday, that saw the 1000 piece strong flotilla of boats proceed down the River Thames, the Royal Barge was the onlooker of the show and the centre of attention. Every water vessel from row boats to narrow boats to dragon boats to historical boats, every boat you could think of, it was most likely there, there was even a special section of Row boats that were comprised of the Commonwealth countries.
The first boat in the flotilla was the Bell boat, that had ringing bells, that rang on the dot of 3pm. The last boat to go past was the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, playing out to the national anthem, the weather stank, it really did, so much so that the final boats singers were drenched but they kept calm and sang for the Queen!
Monday, had the Jubilee Concert, unfortunately about 2 hours before the nights entertainment kicked off, the Duke of Edinburgh was rushed to hospital due to a Bladder infection, so that meant he had to miss out on the concert, it also meant that the Queen was about one and a half hours late, but she had a good reason, the mood was still uplifted, even if the Queen did have a slight look of worry to her face. The whole thing was planned by the wonderful Gary Barlow (who I think should be knighted soon), he even recorded a special song with Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Gareth Malone, that features vocals from all the Commonwealth countries and representing the United Kingdom are the patriotic sounds of the Military wives, the song simply entitled ‘Sing’ is beautifully composed and if you don’t well up at least, well then you sir, have a heart of steel! Other performances belonged to Dame Shirley Bassey, Kylie Minogue, Sir Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder and Madness. I’m not really a fan of Sir Paul McCartney, but I approve that he sang Live and Let Die (one of my favourite Bond songs). I think that Hey Jude could have been sung at the end by all the performers, but alas that didn’t materialise. There were many other singers, but the ones I mentioned are the ones that are memorable for all the right reasons! The night ended with the Queen sticking the diamond shaped Crystal into the podium to light the Jubilee beacon, then after that there were some spectacular fireworks lasting for four minutes, a recital of the national anthem and that was it!
Tuesday had a more formal feel to the occasion. With the Duke of Edinburgh still in hospital, but getting better, the Queen headed to St Paul’s Cathedral minus her husband. They had a service marking the Queens dedication and duty to our fine country, after the service had ended, the Queen then made her way to the House of Parliament for the thanksgiving dinner in Westminster Hall (which I thought looked an awful lot like the grand hall at Hogwarts). Then after about an hour or so afterwards, the Queen made her way back to Buckingham Palace in her carriage, this time sitting next to the Duchess of Cornwall, with Prince Charles opposite them both. Once they got inside the Palace, they then appeared on that famous balcony to watch another Royal Flypast, although this time not as grand as the one at Windsor, nevertheless though, she enjoyed it as you could see the beaming smile from one ear to another. Later in the evening, the Queen gave a special address to the country, taking time out to thank the many millions of people who turned out for this prestigious event and that she was humbled by their loyalty.
In a decades time, we will be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, I really hope that Elizabeth II is there to see it and for many more years after that.
Her majesty is the one constant the world has, in ever changing times, she has never betrayed or scolded our country and she only deserves to have nothing but love, appreciation, admiration and dedication shown to her.
To her family though, she is more than just ma’am, she’s Mum, Granny, Aunty and Cousin.
Prime Ministers, Celebrities and many other notable people have come and gone, but the Queen has remained the Queen.

National Anthem:
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen!♥

Weekly Round Up (Edition:1)

This is my first edition of WRU, so unfortunately, its not as interesting as I hope future editions will be. Weekly Round Up will showcase, the quirky, overshadowed and funny (in no particular order). So let’s begin!
The first story I’m going to talking about is the turning down of the final appeal of the sexual assualt battle concerning Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, The Supreme Court turned down the appeal with a 5-2 majority vote, Mr Assange, couldn’t turn up to the hearing as he was stuck in Traffic. This happened 30th May and Assange has 14 days to appeal the decision, if after 14 days, nothing has been done. Assange will face extradition to Sweden for further questioning.
Richard Nicholls unveiled his ‘unconventional bride gowns’ in Topshop this week. To me there is nothing unconventional about them, they look just like any bride gown you would have seen in the 60’s. They don’t even look as nice, they are mostly shift dresses, cut just above the knee, with a bit of lace chucked on the top.
The largest Porbeagle shark was caught off the coast of Cornwall. Porbeagle’s although related to the Great White poses no threat to humans, at 10ft long and weighing just over 250kgs, the fishermen kept the fishy alive, after they deemed it unethical to kill the fish that made the record! I agree with that decision, I don’t agree with killing Sharks, full stop unless they have tasted Human blood, and if the (not so) little fella is no harm to us, then he deserves to live on!
That’s all for now!

Edition 1

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