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Should there be an age limit on talent shows?

Anyone that saw Britain’s Got Talent last night, would have seen little Malaki Paul break down in tears, in the middle of his rendition of Listen by Beyoncé.
At the moment he broke down, ITV (of course) went for a commercial break, and then came back explaining what had happened and then they went to cut scene of little Malaki’s mother saying how he loves to perform, but he has nerves and that he always had her to look to whenever he got quivery.. As soon as he started sobbing, both Amanda and Alesha started to well up looking shocked, they both started to get up, but Alesha got to him first as well as his mum. Alesha checked to see if he wanted to continue his performance.
In the end the kid finished his act and he got a standing ovation followed by 4 ‘yes’ from the judges.
It all had echoes of a few years ago, little Hollie Steele, who go to the live Semi Finals, and sang Edelweiss, she got half way through and started sobbing.. The pressure got too much for her and the top man had to pay the commercial companies back as their adverts weren’t show because little Hollie wanted to sing again.
Then there was another little girl in America, she was booted of the newly made X Factor USA, she kept howling ‘but mommy you promised’, how can you promise someone they’ll win a nationwide competition?

Both the Children could sing though, that’s the thing. They have voices of angels but sometimes, they just aren’t ready for the pressure of the limelight.

Should there be an age limit for televised talent contests?
Feel free to comment everyone 🙂


What does the internet mean to us?

What is the internet?

That’s it simply put, what is the internet?
How has something so new revolutionised our lives so much?
I took to a group that I’m part of on facebook, to ask what the internet really means to us, and what they thought, here are some opinions:

“The internet is one of, if not the most significant invention in human history. It is a source of both information and entertainment, and something that our society will continue to centre its evolution around. However, in many places it has become corrupt, but that is to be expected, since the world is.”
“Without the internet, I’d be a very different person. Probably a lot more successful person too.”
“It’s useful for studying things and finding out things, but not for solving mysteries because google never has the answers to the unsolved… unfortunately.”
“It’s good for research but often doesn’t work, and you have to take what it says with a large pinch of salt quite often… but very useful, all the same.”
“I think its a very powerful tool for work and your social life but it can be used for evil sometimes”
“It’s a terrible thing. But at the same time, SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL.”

So mixed thoughts, the internet can be used for so much nowadays, homework, work, social networking and many other good things in the world.
But does it utilise our time better learning through a screen rather than hands on?
Let’s use YouTube as an example, some educational videos are on there, like Travellinguist, which gives lessons in most languages, so you can learn a new language every month, if you like. Then we have other videos on there, not so educational such as ‘Charlie bit me -again’ which at the moment has amassed 449,420,225 views, good huh? I suppose, if you’re taking a break from studying, they’re the perfect light entertainment videos to stress relieve.
I am actually learning a language using solely the internet, I want to prove that it is possible, with perseverance that I can become fluent in whatever language I like.. Unfortunately, the lesser known languages like Tibetan, don’t have many resources, so instead I chose Romanian, and I’m coming along in it quite nicely!
Social networking has really brought friendship viral, from the old school ones Bebo and MSN, to the newer, perhaps 2.0 of friendship sites, Facebook and Twitter. These are some great sites to share photos of the latest holiday, tell everyone your news and now share you location. But at what point does the social network become too viral? Sadly, sometimes you can’t even go a month without a trend on twitter being dedicated to someone who has committed suicide through bullying and trolls. One hugely known case of trolling ruining someone’s life is a girl named Jessi Slaughter, in one video, she was brave, standing up to the keyboard ninjas, but 2 days later another video of her is posted, practically having a breakdown, with her father shouting in the background, expressing his anger at the trolls. Its all really moving stuff, how after vowing not to let it get to her, it eventually did.
You can’t escape bullying on social network sites, and its not even a case of ‘if you don’t like heat, get out the kitchen’, or in layman terms, if you don’t like the cyber nasties, then don’t join up. That isn’t the case, the peer pressure is phenomenal and not only that, things that seem dangerous always have a way of niggling in our heads saying ‘look at me, join me’.
Websites that harbour personal information and utilise location data, are a breeding ground for stalkers, haven’t you noticed that celebrities never take advantage of adding a location to tweets and updates?
Also coming in to the spotlight, is porn. I read somewhere that even 7 year old’s have seen pornographic images on the internet.. 7 year old’s? When I was 7 seven, I didn’t even know how babies were made. I got sexual education at around 10, but I didn’t feel a need to hop on the computer and start googling bums and boobs. But now boys as young as 10 are obsessed with porn, then expecting the girls to look like barbie dolls and do exceptional things with their tongues *shudders* a teenage boy recently got put on the sexual offenders list, but the ironic thing is, he’s never been kissed, but now he’s been branded for life.
If I had the time to write down every good thing and every bad thing about the internet, then I think this would resemble a famous book called War and Peace, but I think you would be falling asleep if I did that. So I’ll leave you with my own parting words:

What is put on the internet, will stay on there for the longevity of the internet. So if you wouldn’t print it off and stick to every lamppost in the world, then don’t put it on the internet.

Contraceptive pill at 13?

Today it was announced the start of trials in pharmacies, to supply the contraceptive pill for sale to people as young as 13.
Traditionally, if you were a teenager wanting to go on the pill, you would have to go to your local doctor or family planning clinic, but now you will be able to buy the pill over the counter without even a prescription..
The worrying bit though is, is 13 too young?

The treatment.
The most common form of the Pill is taken everyday for 21 days, then a gap for 7 and then started again.

The argument.
The thoughts on it though are very defined, 13 is a very young age, to be responsible enough to take the pill as prescribed everyday, then resting and then starting again.
The pill only prevents pregnancy, it doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so that means an additional cost of condoms, and in these tough times, if the teenager hasn’t got a job and has to ask the parent for an extra £20+ (for the pill and condoms), they are bound to ask the teen, why they want that extra money, the truth will have to come out somehow.
Another factor to the discussion is all you get is a set of instructions, no doctor is there asking valuable questions or explaining the dangers of not having a break, and answering important questions for concerned young people, a doctor is someone that you can confide with, in full confidence, because of patient confidentiality.
Just letting teenagers go out and buy the Pill like this is like giving a box of knives to a 3 year old and saying ‘thank you, come back again for your next months supply!’ Instead of saying to the 3 year old to be careful, knives are serious things and if used inappropriately could do some real damage, and its not just knives you need to think of, its guns too.
Encouraging safe (but on the other hand underage) sex, is something I am proud to see the government campaign for, but I would like to see something else, perhaps an app for Smartphones that teenagers can download as a reminder to take the pill and websites clearly explaining and helping with the administration.

Growing up as a teenager, gets more and more confusing as the days pass. I just want to do the right thing.

Feel free to comment about how you feel about this!

Whats the first thing you do when you wake up?

Random idea, but I was wondering what was the first thing most people do when they wake up?
I sent a bbm broadcast out there, asked a few more friends, put it to a group I’m part of on facebook and took to the forgotten world of texting, curious to see the results..

Around 85% confessed to checking their phone, one actually kindly went further to say she checked her iPhone first, then her BlackBerry second (poor BlackBerry).
Others gave varied ideas, some funny but true, like ‘breath and open eyes’ others mentioned recalling dreams of REM sleep.
Some also supplied details of what happens next:
“I check my phone, then look in the mirror and depress myself with the reflection”
“I often scramble mentally to
remember what day it is/what’s
happening on that day/what I was dreaming about and then I either turn over and go back to sleep, or generally (which I’m almost ashamed of, as it’s so stereotypicaly teenage) I check my phone… I’ll normally need to turn off an alarm, too”
“the first thing I do? Rush to the other end of the room to turn my alarm clock off and get dressed!”
Some also stated how they get up and shower, but I think the best one was about a girl whose first item on the morning agenda was to log in to facebook, but if it wasn’t possible for her to log in, she would listen to an Audio Book instead 🙂

Hands down though, it was the phone that won the morning activities which kind of makes me wonder, before social media sites and mobile phones, what did our grandparents do first thing when they woke up?

The first thing I do in the morning, is tell my dogs good morning as they are far better than any alarm clock and never fail to wake me up. Then I check my phone.

Why I love England

Happy St Georges day everyone!

Okay, okay, yes I’m a day late in saying that, but how many of you remembered what yesterday actually was?
I would be deluded if I expected everyone reading this post to put their hand up as a way of saying ‘yes, I remembered’. Purely because, unlike St Patricks day, or St Davids day, we don’t make much of a hoo-harr about it, even Burns night and St Andrews day get more attention!
The reason why we don’t make a song and dance about our day, is beyond me, we are just as proud as other nations.
I for one think this will be our year yet again, our beautiful monarch will be celebrating a 60 year reign, our future King and Queen, will be celebrating their first anniversary and we will have the greatest show on Earth for the third time in Olympic history.
Am I wrong to boast about the land I was born on? No, it has treated me the exact way I deserve to be treated, yes our weather is the butt of the joke, but all countries have some jokes about them don’t they?
We have so many wonderful things to offer, and if you’re thinking of visiting, why not come this year?!

I am proud to be British!

Rimmel 5in1 nail care review

I swear by this product!

Rimmel have had this polish out for a while now and I’ve been using it since December, I wish I had discovered it sooner!
I’m the girl who changes her polish every 3 days, just because its always chipping and if I leave it on longer than 3 days, it stains my nails worse than normal.
I thought I should try this product out, because my nails had had enough, they were stained, peeling, chipping and breaking (just what everyone wants before the Christmas Party season).
It doubles up as a base AND top coat, so I applied it as a base, then I created an elaborate nail design waited a while and then put the top coat on.. My design lasted 10 days chip free! in fact, the only reason why I removed it, is because my nails grow like weeds on steroids.
A claim that’s on the bottle is that it makes nails now grow faster and stronger, it took about 3 weeks to notice the difference, possibly because that’s how damaged my nails were, but after that, my nails grow much faster than before, I’ve also noticed that, they may be stronger, but my nails aren’t brittle anymore, which is what makes this product so unique, as many nail strengtheners claim to make nails stronger, but with regular use, they actually make your nails go to sawdust.
I would recommend this product time and time again, I love it so much, I always make sure that I have a spare bottle in the house, just so I don’t run out.

Now that’s dedication to a product!

What fuels our love of celebrity private lives?

Everyday, you see a new ‘story’ on a celebrity, who are they going out with, if they’re on a rebound and of course the old favourite, they’ve split!
But what fuels our desire to read about normal people trying to get on with their lives?
One example I’ll use is Andrew Stone, there are always stories about him, mainly saying that he is gay, Andrew has said to the world many times before that he isn’t gay, and that he is selective about girlfriends, because he wants to make sure that person is with him for him, not him the money.
Why are we so preoccupied with who is gay and who isn’t? If we have admiration for the person that they are, surely when they come out, we won’t hate them, because we liked them before they came out and its not like they have grown another leg and dyed their hair with a purple mohawk!
I find it highly amusing, that we stick our noses in people business and yet, if you went to Birmingham for example and just knocked on a random non celebrities door, and asked them if they were in a relationship, they would probably tell you, where you can go with the questions!
When Demi Moore had a breakdown, I’m sure the last thing she wanted was to be ridiculed in tabloids.

But I suppose in a day and age of where everyone wants a job, if we didn’t have media personalities, paparazzi wouldn’t have a job.

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420 aka Weed Day

First of all, I would like to make clear that, even though I am talking about drugs, I DO NOT want ‘pro’ comments, saying yes it should be legalised with proper reasons is fine, but I don’t want ‘its great if use smoke it with x’ comments, these are hurtful to the blog and I will be moderating ALL comments.

Yesterday was a ‘holiday’ called 420, which is observed every 4th of April, usually at 4:20pm.. The practise is to basically get stoned and smoke weed, of course there is some background to it other than just getting high.
The observance of 420 (pronounced four,twenty), started 41 years ago, on a campus in California. Ever since then, the holiday has started taking place all over the world, even in England at Hyde Park this year.
There has always been an argument with the drug, despite the fact that, if you got all the toxins in one joint and swallowed it, it wouldn’t kill you as instantly as a ‘normal’ cigarette would.
But like many other things, it is after all, addictive and that’s when things start to get tough, if things are left to get in such a state, it can cause permanent damage, if a ‘bad batch’ is consumed. Also, its expensive, so addicts will do anything just to get their fix for the evening.
In recent light though, people have been seeing the drug for more than just getting high, more and more people are learning how it can relieve pain in certain illnesses, and even suppress certain illnesses, as of yet though, cannabis for medicinal purposes, hasn’t been legalised, but it might be one day!
Unfortunately, with it staying illegal, consumption remains underground, meaning that dealers, just out there to make a buck, will mix it with all sorts of terrible things, which in turn could create a bad experience. Because it isn’t mainstream like cigarettes, there is no quality control on it, so no one really knows which batch will be bad. There is always that added scary reality too that once you’ve dipped your toe into the underworld of drugs, it leads you wanting to try stronger drugs, like heroin and cocaine.

So what’s your opinion on all of this? Should it be legalised and why? Or should it stay illegal and remain underground?

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GCSES: do they really better a person?

With formal Exam season coming up, I would be interested in your opinions. Do GCSES really define a person and set them up for life? Or do they cause unnecessary stress and don’t help future employers?

The idea.
The idea that GCSES create, is that they show what the person is capable of, for example, Sara got an A* on her English lit. Whereas Megan got an A on her English lit. So to prospective employers, Sara has more chance of being employed than Megan, because Sara scored higher, despite the fact that Megan is more of a bookworm.
Another reason behind it, is to merely fuel a schools ego, with the top pass rates of every school in that local area being printed in the local rag, a flagging school will feel so elated with itself when it achieves a 89% pass rate for that end of term year.

The argument.
The argument behind GCSES is that, it only shows the person as being a one dimensional cardboard cut out; this is how they see a young adult today.
Billy: Maths B, English A*, Science D, etc.
Instead they should see Billy, for the person that he really is.
Billy: avid gardener, Shakespeare enthusiast and great with the ageing community.
But nowadays, individuality, seems to account for nothing and its all ‘Mandy and Jack know how to write their names and add up competently’.
Another argument about the exam is the stress it causes, pushing the adolescents to stimulating drugs, depression and sometimes even suicide.. Sometimes young people nowadays, experience too much too soon, so while Daniel is revising, a loved family member is battling cancer, or his family is relying on him to get good grades, just so their debt can be payed off, one day the stress just gets to them.
Another point, is expectation. Be it from the parents or on the person themselves, can you imagine the heartbreak and anger at themselves they feel when they don’t get the expected grades?

I know that for a fact, that if I was an employer, I would bypass the who grades on a Resume, I would get to know the person.

There may be 7 billion people living on planet Earth, but we are more than just a number, we are living, individual humans.

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Happy to have been Home Educated!

Since I was born, I have been Home Educated, I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t have changed a thing about my childhood.
I believe its made me the person I am today, perhaps even a better, more open minded person at that.
When I look at young people my age nowadays, that were brought up in state education, are miserable, demanding, pretentious, arrogant, ignorant and behave like sheep. If one person says ‘swag’ 28 of them will be repeating that word throughout the rest of the day.
I grew up completely individual, and despite of where I grew up, I do have the local accent but I am no where near a clone.. The best way to describe it is, having an ant farm and only one of the ants being a red ant, that’s what I’m like.
I have a totally different outlook on life, I’m well and truly far more mature, I’m not a gossip or like every average teenage girl.
I believe that my growing up, has made me have more of an understanding of people older than me and not just socialising with those who are practically twins from other parents of me.
I’m more thoughtful too, something that a lot of young adults don’t have either.
Now, I’m not saying that all state education children are all like that, no, some of the non home ed people I know are the sweetest people, and I’m not saying that all home ed’s are lovely, some are quite the opposite.
I’m not trying to be selfish by banging my own drum of how lovely I am, I’m just telling everyone how happy alternative education has made me 🙂

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