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I’m leaving the blog

For the past few months, I’ve known that I have wanted to leave this blog. I tried and tried to find the right words, but unlike everyone else, I’m not good at using the right words for a moment.
I know this post sounds like I’m being melodramatic, but I thought it would be rude to just leave the page and never update. I know that none of you sit eagerly at your computers waiting for your latest update from me, but I wanted anyone who stumbled upon the page to know that its a closed book.
People say that you should ignore hate and work on what you’re being criticised about, but its harder to practise than it is to say. I’m not cut out for this and its not as though this is a blog that will be missed.
My Twitter will still be LeilaniDiana and if you’re interested in taking over this blog, then please direct message me on there.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, as much I did writing it. Love and light!


Paint splatter nails!

Feeling inspired by the arty digits seen by the athletes at the Olympics? Well here’s something quirky, fun yet super easy to do in under an hour!
All you need for this design is a toothpick, a piece of paper and a dotter (a pin head or ballpoint pen)!

First of all apply a base coat to your nails (of course I use Rimmel 5-in-1 nail care), then once that’s dry, apply a white or very light grey coat to your nails, make sure its opaque, apply another coat if it looks a little streaky. Then get the colours of your choice, choose your first colour then put a blob on the piece of paper, dip your dotter in the blob making sure its got a thick coating and then ‘dot’ it on to one of the corners of your nail, get the toothpick and take it to the centre of the dot on your nail and drag it outwards so it makes messy little lines. Don’t worry if you make a little mark in the centre as you can always go over it again with the dotter. Then with the remaining blob on the paper, dip the toothpick point in the blob and lightly dot around the larger streaked out dot on the nail, so it looks like a proper splatter, repeat this on the rest of the nails with the rest of the colours.. Have fun with this design! Overlay colours, mix up neons and pastels. Just have fun! Then when its all dry and dotted, just apply your top coat (mine is the Rimmel 5-in1 yet again.).
A little tip is to use one tooth pick for each colour, so 3 colours = 3 toothpicks but if you want multicolour splats then just use the same ‘pick!
I hope this was easy to follow, if you get a little stumped, there are also lots of tutorial videos on Youtube!
If you’ve tried out this design, I would love to see how you managed! Good luck 🙂

Spring clean your follower list!

Want to find a twitter application that shows you what your follower/following list comprises of rather than “who unfollowed me”? Well look no further, as these websites are the only ones that I use and recommend!
A few months ago, I was getting an increase of followers, I wanted to find out who was a spambot and who was just a normal homosapien.. But that’s hard, as there are more websites out there that give you the opportunity to buy followers and to find out who unfollowed you than there are that show you who the ‘real’ people are.

Twitcleaner is one of these helpful websites, all you have to do is allow it access to your Twitter profile, then ask it to run a (free) report for you (it will also get your profile to follow their twitter page, so that they can DM you the link) and then once you get your magical direct message from them, you can check out who the spambots, self publicist, I am’s, low follow back content and all the rest in-between people are! Once you find the pesky user under the label you thought they might be in, you can just click on their photo and that’s them unfollowed! You will have to use discretion though, the report doesn’t track everyone down personally to see if they’re Frank from Iowa or Binary 2.1.0/automated.. Its comprised of how they tweet and interact, so if they’re always tweeting repetitive links (like most spambots) they will most likely be under the ‘dodgy’ category, but you might know a person in that category who has their own website and they may just tweet about it 24/7 and be completely human. This is the break down of headings for the (potential) bad guys:
Dodgy – spam phrases, @ spamming, duplicate links, duplicate tweets, app spam, advertising networks etc.
Absent – No updates in a month, fewer than 10 tweets, deleted & suspended accounts.
Repetitive – High numbers of duplicate tweets or links.
Flooding – So high volume you can’t see anyone else.
Non-Responsive – No interaction, those that follow back < 10%, streams that are all feeds (facebook, twitterfeed etc).
Little New Content – Retweeting lots or just posting quotes
Not Very Interesting – People who talk about themselves a lot, or aren’t followed back very much.
One of the great features, is when you’ve finished unfollowing, Twitcleaner will save what you did and carry out the unfollows slowly, that way you don’t get in trouble for churning. The best part is, you get premium service for no cost, but if you want to you can make a donation to keep the makers in tea and scones!

The second helpful app is Tweepdash, a handy little app that breaks your twitterverse down in to 3 columns: ‘Celebrity’ ‘Fan’ ‘Friend’.
Celebrity – where you follow a person, but the meanies don’t follow back.
Fan – where they follow you but you don’t follow back.
Friends – the following is mutual.
For each column, it gives you the choice relevant for the subject. For the celebrity part you can choose to unfollow them from there and for the people you don’t follow back, you get the choice to follow them. This service is also free.

A great feature for the tweet concious people out there is that both these services don’t tweet on your behalf. A tweet will only be sent by them on your behalf, if you click on the ‘send’ button. Both these services let you do what you want and only rely on what you do, they won’t harm your twitter, so give them a try!

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