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Weekly Round Up (Edition:7)

Wonders never cease as its still raining in England and the ark jokes have gotten silly and tedious now, instead the country have just stopped sharpening their brooms after Andy Murray fluffed up the Wimbledon mens final! As you all probably know, I didn’t publish on Thursday, I did it unannounced.. I went in to deep hibernation, hoping to find a warm sunny New York in my dreams, sadly I didn’t, so I woke up and snapped back to reality as Eminem once famously said! So let’s get cracking with WRU #7!

This story wasn’t in Manchester (UK), which is a shame because I would have had fun saying “this story really puts the ‘chest’ in ‘Manchester” alas, the story is in Birmingham (MI, USA) and I still got to say my joke! A bra was sold off for £1m in an auction, The blingy boulder holder was encrusted with 500 carat diamonds and 18 carats of Gold, taking over 12 months to make! I think that’s £1m well spent if you have a couple of millions spare lying around!

I am obsessed with dinosaurs, but even up to this point in my life, I like to think that the jurassic Stork brought bouncing 2 tonne bundles of joys to the arms of expectant T-Rex mummies and daddies. Earlier in the week, scientists kindly shattered this wonderful illusion for me, presenting How dinosaurs had coitus – describing every prehistoric detail.. I think I’ll stick to my jurassic Stork illusion!

Speaking of Jurassic (reminding me of Jurassic park), I found out why male mosquitoes don’t bite. They don’t have the equipment to bite, because they don’t need the nutrients in blood, but the female needs blood to complete her eggs!

3 stories, 3 minutes to read.. Enjoy and if you liked that follow me on Twitter! 🙂
That’s all for now!

Edition 7

Weekly Round Up (Edition:6)

As Rihanna said “cheers to the fricken washout weekend”, maybe she didn’t say ‘washout’ but if she was British, she would have done! So sit back, relax and enjoy the double 7 WRU edition 6!

Wimbledon is fairly normal, but this year records have been broken, seeds have been smashed and history has been made. For the first time in Wimbledon history, a Mens singles match was played past 11pm, it was a Murray v Baghdatis match. Going against health and safety wishes, they agreed to play on if someone was a few points away from winning. Keeping true to their word, Murray played on until 11:02pm, in which he won.
Serena Williams and Venus Williams became part of the first women’s doubles to play past 9pm, not going past 11pm though as they won with 10 minutes to spare!
The mens doubles final was a moment in history too, having the first Brit to win the doubles since 1936!
So history is being made all around, its a great time to read up on some Wimbledon facts and then some Federer facts and then some Murray facts ahead of the Mens final! Watch its as history is being made whoever wins!

Here’s my own little joke for the British weather; Had to cross David Cameron and Nick Clegg off the Ark boarding list, to make room for the Addams family!
If you have an Ark joke, comment it!

Not quite a round up, though Wimbledon is Legen-waitforit-Dary!
That’s all for now!

Edition 6

Weekly Round Up (Edition:5)

So if you were living in England this past week, you would have experienced Hurricane Washout, the supercell thunderstorm with hailstones the size of golf balls (nice).

Being British, I ran out of ‘rainy day’ activities a long time ago, so I spent my time in front of the telly, one of my highlights was at the beginning of the week as Monday and Tuesday saw the return of Strictly Kosher, the show centres around one of the largest Jewish communities in England, Manchester. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I hope its commissioned for a 3rd series! Catch it on the ITV Player if you want to watch it for yourself!

Does the US have a leg to stand on if they get Julian Assange? Check out what the Economic Times has to say on the matter.

Andy Murray made history at Wimbledon playing/winning at 11:02pm! They had to get special permission from the council to play on.

Unfortunately that’s all I had lined up for y’all this week 😦 I’ll make up for it next time!
That’s all for now!

Edition 5

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