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Weekly Round Up (Edition:7)

Wonders never cease as its still raining in England and the ark jokes have gotten silly and tedious now, instead the country have just stopped sharpening their brooms after Andy Murray fluffed up the Wimbledon mens final! As you all probably know, I didn’t publish on Thursday, I did it unannounced.. I went in to deep hibernation, hoping to find a warm sunny New York in my dreams, sadly I didn’t, so I woke up and snapped back to reality as Eminem once famously said! So let’s get cracking with WRU #7!

This story wasn’t in Manchester (UK), which is a shame because I would have had fun saying “this story really puts the ‘chest’ in ‘Manchester” alas, the story is in Birmingham (MI, USA) and I still got to say my joke! A bra was sold off for £1m in an auction, The blingy boulder holder was encrusted with 500 carat diamonds and 18 carats of Gold, taking over 12 months to make! I think that’s £1m well spent if you have a couple of millions spare lying around!

I am obsessed with dinosaurs, but even up to this point in my life, I like to think that the jurassic Stork brought bouncing 2 tonne bundles of joys to the arms of expectant T-Rex mummies and daddies. Earlier in the week, scientists kindly shattered this wonderful illusion for me, presenting How dinosaurs had coitus – describing every prehistoric detail.. I think I’ll stick to my jurassic Stork illusion!

Speaking of Jurassic (reminding me of Jurassic park), I found out why male mosquitoes don’t bite. They don’t have the equipment to bite, because they don’t need the nutrients in blood, but the female needs blood to complete her eggs!

3 stories, 3 minutes to read.. Enjoy and if you liked that follow me on Twitter! 🙂
That’s all for now!

Edition 7


Backtracking over ‘Why I love England’

This is slight backtrack from all the lovely things I was saying about England a few weeks ago something I forgot to mention that I HATE OUR WEATHER! this outburst is a little sudden, but its well deserved, seriously, how much rain do we need? Its the beginning of May and it still feels like November (May if you are reading in Australia). I have had enough of all this cold weather and to be quite honest, its starting to get really depressing, there are only so many times you can snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie! I have had enough and if I had the money, I would be taking a very long holiday in Moldova (which is currently 27˚c) here in cloudy London is a glorious 8˚c, 8freakin˚c! What have we done to be given such bad weather and more to the point, which country did this weather come from *sideseyes Antarctica*.. We have had non stop rain for a month now and I haven’t seen any sun for a month and a week!

Rant over!

What do you suggest to do in this horrible weather?

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