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Ecuador snubbed by Channel 4

29th August: Paralympic opening ceremony.

London Paralympics 2012 were set to be the biggest Paralympics since they started. The ceremony was finely balanced between Science and Astro-liturature. All the right people were there, The Queen, Prime Minister, Lord Coe, the Mayor of London and many other notable people. The only missing part was Ecuador, “where was it?” You may ask, it was there but Channel 4 blatantly sidestepped the fact, with Krishnan Guru Murphy hastily commentating over with “let’s see Clare Balding interview some of the Irish competitors” after El Salvador came out, the cameras cut to Clare and a member of Ireland’s team, she spoke to him as though he were a member of Team GB, but as there was a conversational pause so that the man could compose an intelligent answer, we heard from the Arena’s commentator say ‘Ecuador’, then after Ecuador were given their 30 seconds to walk past, Krishnan interrupted Clare saying “Great stuff Clare, let’s get back to the Arena”.. Erm, what was the whole point of that? Firstly let me say that speaking to the Irish team wasn’t important because he wasn’t team GB, that’s not the point, he was important. Every athlete has an equal chance of winning as the next. I would have much preferred to have seen interrupted coverage so that Clare could speak to members of the teams of different countries. It could have been done during the walk past of the bigger countries like Australia, Brazil, China and USA, instead they chose only to have one interview with a person from another country while little Ecuador had their moment. I can now see why they (Ecuador) said they wouldn’t release their decision over Julian Assange until after the Olympic games, as if they had announced that they had granted Julian asylum on the day before the Olympic opening ceremony, when the time came for Ecuador to walk through, you probably would have heard Huw Edwards saying “look an Alien” whilst panning to the sky, cutting all sound and letting Ecuador run along as though they were an embarrassing odour.
The part that really gets me though is that the Olympic and Paralympic games stand for equality and to compete without prejudice, but where is the fairness in broadcasting a country that turns up with 300+ athletes and goes home with at least 50 golds, when they refuse to show a small country that is lucky to go home with one medal because they only have 5 athletes?
As a viewer, I don’t care if a country is poor, corrupt or stands up for its beliefs, all I want to see those athletes do is play a good, drug free, fair game. I want them all to leave their inter-country disputes outside as soon as they enter the building. Because they are there to become Olympians not a government patsy and I certainly don’t want to watch a television channel behaving childishly.
So channel 4, don’t you want to see a game free of prejudice? Or are you politically motivated? Because if Julian Assange didn’t do what he does, then you wouldn’t have a story to report on for your precious news at 7, but yet again whenever I watch your news channel (which isn’t very often), I feel as though I’ve wasted half an hour of my life that I’ll never get back, whilst Jon Snow prattles on about JP Morgan being good guys and that England is in Recession, yes folks, that’s real *cough* news at its finest.


Happy Birthday Julian Assange! #JA41

Not only the brilliant mastermind behind Wikileaks, Julian Assange is the 21st century Robin Hood, ‘stealing’ from the ‘bad guys’ and giving it to those who walk around with their eyes closed.
Today we celebrate the Ausralian born cyber expert’s birthday. Born in Queensland, 3 July 1970. Assange moved a lot during his childhood, hopping school to school then eventually becoming home educated. Always having a strong sense of what’s wrong and what’s right, throughout his life, Julian was always working with computers and trying to get the news that everyone needs to see to light.
I’m not going to contaminate my post with current and past affairs, because you don’t do that. Talking about the alleged happenings, would be me using my birthday blog as a trojan horse. If you’re going to talk about something sensitive then talk about it straight.

What his actions and beliefs mean to me, are beyond words. What he does shows that it is possible for us to live in a better world, we just have to open our eyes. Its not unattainable like a peace filled Utopia, believing in Wikileaks means that you believe in the truth and when more people tell the truth, the better people behave.

Here’s to this birthday and to many more!

Even when his birthday is over for another year, if you support Julian then I would like you to comment below, your comment can be anonymous if you want it to, though if you provide a name it would be wonderful. Thank you.

Weekly Round Up (Edition:3)

So yet again this week I really haven’t had anything interesting to showcase in WRU, but I hope this filling satisfies you as much as a bagel satisfies a New York cop (which is a lot I hope).

So let’s gets things started with Springwatch coming to its season end for this year, it was a fantastic year, even though a lot of baby birds died this year because of flooding, first time parents and cats. As per usual the Owls never failed to entertain and the best part for me was footage of a Kingfisher laying eggs and watching butterflies hatch.

Another story is from the Metro titled Man Complains about his sandwich to 911 yes, that’s right a man phoned up the American emergency services just to tell them his sandwich sucked.

Today (16.6.12) was the Diamond Troop The Colour, which is where the armed forces come out to pay their respect the Queen to wish her a happy birthday. The actual birthday (the day she was born) is in April, but they have a state birthday for the Queen in June, because the weather is more reliable. After all the Troops did they’re bit for the parade, the Royals descended upon the famous balcony to watch the flypast, the only planes that couldn’t attend were the Lancaster’s and the Spitfires, because of low cloud base. But the show was magnificent, more people than ever attended, which just shows the boost the Diamond Jubilee has given to our fine country.

Julian Assange has been told that he may not reopen his case against his battling extradition to Sweden, they are quickly exhausting all their cards to play to keep Julian in England for as long as possible, so it will be interesting to see what they do next.

And in other news (which is totally unrelated 😉 ) England beat Sweden 3-2 on Friday (15.6.12), thus eliminating Sweden from the Euro 2012 football championships!

I hope you enjoyed this juicy virtual bagel!
That’s all for now!

Edition 3

Weekly Round Up (Edition:1)

This is my first edition of WRU, so unfortunately, its not as interesting as I hope future editions will be. Weekly Round Up will showcase, the quirky, overshadowed and funny (in no particular order). So let’s begin!
The first story I’m going to talking about is the turning down of the final appeal of the sexual assualt battle concerning Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, The Supreme Court turned down the appeal with a 5-2 majority vote, Mr Assange, couldn’t turn up to the hearing as he was stuck in Traffic. This happened 30th May and Assange has 14 days to appeal the decision, if after 14 days, nothing has been done. Assange will face extradition to Sweden for further questioning.
Richard Nicholls unveiled his ‘unconventional bride gowns’ in Topshop this week. To me there is nothing unconventional about them, they look just like any bride gown you would have seen in the 60’s. They don’t even look as nice, they are mostly shift dresses, cut just above the knee, with a bit of lace chucked on the top.
The largest Porbeagle shark was caught off the coast of Cornwall. Porbeagle’s although related to the Great White poses no threat to humans, at 10ft long and weighing just over 250kgs, the fishermen kept the fishy alive, after they deemed it unethical to kill the fish that made the record! I agree with that decision, I don’t agree with killing Sharks, full stop unless they have tasted Human blood, and if the (not so) little fella is no harm to us, then he deserves to live on!
That’s all for now!

Edition 1

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