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I’m leaving the blog

For the past few months, I’ve known that I have wanted to leave this blog. I tried and tried to find the right words, but unlike everyone else, I’m not good at using the right words for a moment.
I know this post sounds like I’m being melodramatic, but I thought it would be rude to just leave the page and never update. I know that none of you sit eagerly at your computers waiting for your latest update from me, but I wanted anyone who stumbled upon the page to know that its a closed book.
People say that you should ignore hate and work on what you’re being criticised about, but its harder to practise than it is to say. I’m not cut out for this and its not as though this is a blog that will be missed.
My Twitter will still be LeilaniDiana and if you’re interested in taking over this blog, then please direct message me on there.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, as much I did writing it. Love and light!


Dear Freedom Fighter

I have followed you since your alleged accusation came to light and I don’t think you did it.
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and even if you get found guilty, then I believe you’re still innocent.
I’m not burying head in the sand, hoping that when I lift my head back up to see sunshine and daisies, I know I won’t. I’ll see the same grey concrete and stagnant cars that I saw when my head went down, I am being realistic and looking at it from the only logical way.
This time two weeks ago, your appeal was turned down. I was obsessed with running upstairs to check the news every 10 minutes, to make sure the worst hadn’t happened, but it had and you were denied. I showed a more human side to me today, and instead of a sad film making me cry, just these three small words ‘have turned down’ brought me to tears, I would be lying if I said my face was dry whilst writing this.
I am of perfect mental health and the people around me can vouch for that, so I know I’m not overreacting to your unjust situation. I’m holding back in saying so much, because I know it won’t make any sense saying what I truly think.
I was at this place for a while, it was lovely, now they are trying to get it all knocked down, to put a Tescos in. The detrimental effects of what Tescos would have on the little country roads due to the influx of customers/traffic and the direct impact it will have on the high street shops were published and the plans for the Tesco development were approved, it was a ‘majority’ vote of 6-5 that passed it. How is that a fair majority? I believe they should of had a recount.
I’m 16, but I’m so unconventional its unbelievable, I detest Justin Bieber, because he’s all about ‘peace’ but does nothing about it, that’s why I support you, because you want peace, but you do something about it.
I’ll keep hoping, if you keep fighting.
Yours sincerely

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