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Things to personally achieve by September

I feel a little bit like Bridget Jones compiling this list. But it had to be done, I hate feeling like a failure and even though I know that once everything has been achieved on this list, I’ll still be a failure (I’m a typical Capricorn in my feelings).. But at least it shows I can make a list and do something, or it will be on the internet for time and memoriam to prove I can’t even follow a simple list if none of the tasks are completed, no pressure then.

1.) Be more tolerant of people, no matter how annoying they are. If all else fails, watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles to become like Del.

2.)Become fluent (or have the ability to get your point across to someone without the need to use hand gestures and grunting) in at least one language.

3.) Read at least 5 books this summer, you used to love reading and now you don’t enjoy them anymore, your bookshelves at night scream “y u no love us no more?”

4.) Try not to lose anymore friends, remember 2 years ago? You used to be so popular, now you can count your friends on one hand.

5.) Be happy, whether or not you’re always happy, you must always put that on the list, its puts things in to perspective.

6.) Try and get 5000 Twitter followers and 2,000 blog views. Because its fun. But remember to follow each kind individual back, its not nice if you don’t give back.

7.) Try and get more confidence, nobody likes creatures that blend in to the wall like a man on manoeuvres wearing camouflage and wring their hands so much that they’ve counted the specks on the floor.

8.) Empty your e-mail inbox and rue the day that you ever chose Hotmail over Yahoo, at least with Yahoo you could search for emails beginning with “Facebook” and click ‘Delete all’

9.) Curb your jealousy, hard to achieve being a typical Chinese Zodiac Pig, but you don’t want to become the person who puts Cayenne Pepper all over a guests meal because they got the promotion and you didn’t, in later life.

10.) Dare to bare legs and show toes (if the sun pops its head out).. Maybe your toes aren’t as ugly as you think and your legs don’t really resemble chicken thighs… But seriously, who gets cellulite at 16?!

11.) Try and blog earlier in the day.

So starting today, I’m going to get cracking on this list and by September 1st, I shall post a progress (hopefully completion) report!
Comment if you think something should be added to my list, help me get 5,000 followers and feel free to use this list as inspiration for yourself!


Rich but Poor in happiness, or Poor but rich in happiness?

Rich but Poor in happiness.
Having millions in the bank, but never feeling the joy of not having to pay another bill in your whole life ever again, or feeling the happiness, when a butterfly lands on your nose.

Poor but Rich in happiness.
Barely having enough money to get through aa week, but smiling all the time at all the good things in life, your kids, your friends, nature or even sunny days.

Difficult choice isn’t it? But I know which one I would choose, if I was sitting in a room with that ultimatum, a lifetime supply of money sitting on a desk and next to it, a chute for all my money and assets because I chose happiness over wealth.
I would choose that chute.. Not being able to even express the love and warm feeling I get from just my dog telling me good morning, would kill me. Sitting at a 24ft long table, pottering around at what to do next with limitless money would be exhausting, because you couldn’t even enjoy donating £1m to the RSPCA or Save The Children.

Given the choice, what would you do?

Happy to have been Home Educated!

Since I was born, I have been Home Educated, I absolutely loved it and wouldn’t have changed a thing about my childhood.
I believe its made me the person I am today, perhaps even a better, more open minded person at that.
When I look at young people my age nowadays, that were brought up in state education, are miserable, demanding, pretentious, arrogant, ignorant and behave like sheep. If one person says ‘swag’ 28 of them will be repeating that word throughout the rest of the day.
I grew up completely individual, and despite of where I grew up, I do have the local accent but I am no where near a clone.. The best way to describe it is, having an ant farm and only one of the ants being a red ant, that’s what I’m like.
I have a totally different outlook on life, I’m well and truly far more mature, I’m not a gossip or like every average teenage girl.
I believe that my growing up, has made me have more of an understanding of people older than me and not just socialising with those who are practically twins from other parents of me.
I’m more thoughtful too, something that a lot of young adults don’t have either.
Now, I’m not saying that all state education children are all like that, no, some of the non home ed people I know are the sweetest people, and I’m not saying that all home ed’s are lovely, some are quite the opposite.
I’m not trying to be selfish by banging my own drum of how lovely I am, I’m just telling everyone how happy alternative education has made me 🙂

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