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Spring clean your follower list!

Want to find a twitter application that shows you what your follower/following list comprises of rather than “who unfollowed me”? Well look no further, as these websites are the only ones that I use and recommend!
A few months ago, I was getting an increase of followers, I wanted to find out who was a spambot and who was just a normal homosapien.. But that’s hard, as there are more websites out there that give you the opportunity to buy followers and to find out who unfollowed you than there are that show you who the ‘real’ people are.

Twitcleaner is one of these helpful websites, all you have to do is allow it access to your Twitter profile, then ask it to run a (free) report for you (it will also get your profile to follow their twitter page, so that they can DM you the link) and then once you get your magical direct message from them, you can check out who the spambots, self publicist, I am’s, low follow back content and all the rest in-between people are! Once you find the pesky user under the label you thought they might be in, you can just click on their photo and that’s them unfollowed! You will have to use discretion though, the report doesn’t track everyone down personally to see if they’re Frank from Iowa or Binary 2.1.0/automated.. Its comprised of how they tweet and interact, so if they’re always tweeting repetitive links (like most spambots) they will most likely be under the ‘dodgy’ category, but you might know a person in that category who has their own website and they may just tweet about it 24/7 and be completely human. This is the break down of headings for the (potential) bad guys:
Dodgy – spam phrases, @ spamming, duplicate links, duplicate tweets, app spam, advertising networks etc.
Absent – No updates in a month, fewer than 10 tweets, deleted & suspended accounts.
Repetitive – High numbers of duplicate tweets or links.
Flooding – So high volume you can’t see anyone else.
Non-Responsive – No interaction, those that follow back < 10%, streams that are all feeds (facebook, twitterfeed etc).
Little New Content – Retweeting lots or just posting quotes
Not Very Interesting – People who talk about themselves a lot, or aren’t followed back very much.
One of the great features, is when you’ve finished unfollowing, Twitcleaner will save what you did and carry out the unfollows slowly, that way you don’t get in trouble for churning. The best part is, you get premium service for no cost, but if you want to you can make a donation to keep the makers in tea and scones!

The second helpful app is Tweepdash, a handy little app that breaks your twitterverse down in to 3 columns: ‘Celebrity’ ‘Fan’ ‘Friend’.
Celebrity – where you follow a person, but the meanies don’t follow back.
Fan – where they follow you but you don’t follow back.
Friends – the following is mutual.
For each column, it gives you the choice relevant for the subject. For the celebrity part you can choose to unfollow them from there and for the people you don’t follow back, you get the choice to follow them. This service is also free.

A great feature for the tweet concious people out there is that both these services don’t tweet on your behalf. A tweet will only be sent by them on your behalf, if you click on the ‘send’ button. Both these services let you do what you want and only rely on what you do, they won’t harm your twitter, so give them a try!


Things to personally achieve by September

I feel a little bit like Bridget Jones compiling this list. But it had to be done, I hate feeling like a failure and even though I know that once everything has been achieved on this list, I’ll still be a failure (I’m a typical Capricorn in my feelings).. But at least it shows I can make a list and do something, or it will be on the internet for time and memoriam to prove I can’t even follow a simple list if none of the tasks are completed, no pressure then.

1.) Be more tolerant of people, no matter how annoying they are. If all else fails, watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles to become like Del.

2.)Become fluent (or have the ability to get your point across to someone without the need to use hand gestures and grunting) in at least one language.

3.) Read at least 5 books this summer, you used to love reading and now you don’t enjoy them anymore, your bookshelves at night scream “y u no love us no more?”

4.) Try not to lose anymore friends, remember 2 years ago? You used to be so popular, now you can count your friends on one hand.

5.) Be happy, whether or not you’re always happy, you must always put that on the list, its puts things in to perspective.

6.) Try and get 5000 Twitter followers and 2,000 blog views. Because its fun. But remember to follow each kind individual back, its not nice if you don’t give back.

7.) Try and get more confidence, nobody likes creatures that blend in to the wall like a man on manoeuvres wearing camouflage and wring their hands so much that they’ve counted the specks on the floor.

8.) Empty your e-mail inbox and rue the day that you ever chose Hotmail over Yahoo, at least with Yahoo you could search for emails beginning with “Facebook” and click ‘Delete all’

9.) Curb your jealousy, hard to achieve being a typical Chinese Zodiac Pig, but you don’t want to become the person who puts Cayenne Pepper all over a guests meal because they got the promotion and you didn’t, in later life.

10.) Dare to bare legs and show toes (if the sun pops its head out).. Maybe your toes aren’t as ugly as you think and your legs don’t really resemble chicken thighs… But seriously, who gets cellulite at 16?!

11.) Try and blog earlier in the day.

So starting today, I’m going to get cracking on this list and by September 1st, I shall post a progress (hopefully completion) report!
Comment if you think something should be added to my list, help me get 5,000 followers and feel free to use this list as inspiration for yourself!

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