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Butt out cigarette snappers!

For the record, I’m not a smoker but for the record I am totally against what the government is doing to the tobacco industry.
I find it strange how one of the largest taxable commodities is being chased in to extinction by smoking, branding and display bans.
The smoking ban was understandable, but perhaps, it was a little over excited, smokers out in the rain (outside), non-smokers in the dry (indoors). Its like a partide for people who have slightly different habits than others.
The impending branding ban, means that all cigarette packets MUST be in plain packaging, supposedly deterring young people from taking it up.. Because people really go “oooh a pretty pink box, I wanna become a smoker!”.. Hmm yes *rolls eyes*.
The ban on display came in to force earlier this year. This means that all tobacco counters, in large shops/supermarkets have to be concealed with unsightly shutters, the idea behind it all, is if something is hidden a person won’t have the desire to want it anymore.. Don’t you remember when you were little and your parents had a ‘forbidden’ cabinet? Maybe it held liquor or money or even porn, didn’t you feel empowered to go in to it and steal/drink whatever was in it? So track back to the present day, they’re making cigarettes ‘forbidden’ from view. Well I’m sorry but I don’t see how that will stop people, in fact I have no desire to smoke, but those shutters are just so tempting!
The ban on advertising, has meant that instead of having Embassy on a Formula 1 racing car, we now have Carling on a racing car, that just screams ‘don’t smoke and drive when you can drink and drive!’
During the last half of 2010 and the first half of 2011, a total of £11.1bn was made, just from cigarettes sales in England. See the figures for yourself for Tobacco tax revenue its shocking.
£11.1bn is a noticeable amount and when the government delve in to their deep deep pockets, they’ll find that those missing billions were actually very important indeed.
What are your views on the bullying of smokers? Have any of these laws affected you? As always drop me a comment and don’t forget to follow me – LeilaniDiana!

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