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Should the Age of Consent be lowered in the UK?

The current Twitter trends running around at the moment for London are “#WhenIWas14” and “At 14”. From what I’ve been reading, it seems that the Age of Consent is being lowered. Until I read a word of actual proof, I won’t believe this, but supposing the United Kingdom did lower the age (which is currently 16), would it make any difference?

There are so many questions that come to mind:
Children are already losing their virginity under 16, so does this law actually have a point?
Children aren’t adults until 18, so are they saying children should have sex?
Would a 25 year old be molesting a child if the were to have (consented by the teen) sex?
Is the body of a 14 year old capable of carrying a baby if safe sex wasn’t practised?
Is a 14 year old mentally developed enough to understand what a responsibility having cautious sex is or what is inappropriate or even the decision of having an abortion?
Does a 14 year old understand the repercussions of a nude photograph?
Can a 14 year old name 3 STDs?
Most 14 year old’s don’t know the meaning of ‘quantitative easing’ let alone knowing if they are ‘ready’

Here’s my view: At 14 to a girl, boys are just crushes, and that’s all they should be. Only rarely do we see “we’re childhood sweetheart stories, we met at 13”. With statistics showing that children as young as 9 have accessed or watched porn, there is still a lacking of maturity. Porn is great viewing, but when you’re curious about the birds and bees, its not a realistic portrayal of what goes on between the sheets, porn is a mass produced product, with 5 spotlights, multi angle cameras and (in normal films) 2 actors. An actor is some one who professionally trained to be someone or something to the highest standard, not once do you see the woman fail to orgasm or them using protection. The condom fairy does not exist, you have to do that part yourself. It doesn’t even show the ‘behind the scenes’ work, for example; the medical examinations and sexual health tests the actors must go through. At 14, you shouldn’t have to learn someone else’s body, you should be letting yourself grow up and you should learn about yourself, only at 16+ do these things really matter, and even to most 16 year old’s, they aren’t bothered if they’re getting it or not. Even though there are people as young as 12 in the UK losing their virginity, I think the consent age should be kept at 16.

Dear 14 year olds,
Your body is a temple, don’t mistreat it otherwise it will come crumbling down in years to come. Treat yourself with a level of self respect as morals are highly regarded still.

So, you’ve heard my view, now I want to hear yours! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and until the next blog, have a great day!


Facebook minimum age rule to change?

Its a well known fact that you can become any age you like on Facebook, just create an email address with the desired year of birth, sign up to Facebook and voila! You are now a 14 year old from Tennessee! Of course, most cases of Facebook fraud are by children aged 11 wanting to have Facebook and not having the patience to wait 2 years. I can admit that on my first ever facebook, I lied about my age *blushes* but I have made a Facebook profile since when I was eligible to join, so I’m not as clean cut as I’m making out, But at least I deactivated that account when I was old enough to have Facebook.
Facebook are now apparently thinking of putting in more Parental controls in the settings, so that Children under the age of 13 will be able to access certain parts of Facebook.. Really? The Zuck is that desperate that he wants kids to join now?
Zuck is the same man who encourages the openness of welcoming the world to your life, publishing life events, holiday photos and location updates, the same man who encourages this behaviour is one of the most secretive people going, he only published a handful of wedding photos and he very rarely uses up the whole 200 photos per album feature. Bit hypocritical?
I suppose, as much as I am against the Facebook demon, if there were greater safety measures on the profile for under 13’s, then I would support it. But for under 13’s, there should be a ‘friend’ limit, encourage family links and the account should be shadowed/linked with a Parent account only allowing photos that the Parent uploads to be used by the child and to not allow the child to upload.
You can’t really say to a person ‘no, you’re not allowed’, because when you are told something is forbidden, it makes you want it more.

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