Om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

I have the worst sweet tooth in the world, I must confess this. Whether it was because I was born in the year of the pig or I’m just plain greedy or both is still undecided!
I’ve had a slight obsession with sweets for the past 3 months, I know what they say, any infatuation that lasts longer than 3 months is more than just a crush 😉
Anyway, its bad enough where I live has one of the largest Tescos in Europe, I also have a mini local Tescos that stocks the full range of Tesco own brand 3 for £1 sweets. I love them all and its only recenttly I have become like that.
I believe that, what with the rising cost of fuel and the fact that chocolate has to be imported, I have actually gone off the solid brown menace in a brightly coloured wrapper, I was never a large fan of chocolate. I would eat it because it was there, though I didn’t like the way it made me feel, I felt sluggish, sick and like I was getting a cold after eating it. Sweets that don’t contain chocolate or only chocolate flavouring have never made me feel like this.
I think that just like cupcakes have made a boom in the food industry, candy will made its lasting mark too! Prepared to become obsessed!


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  1. People say that is also a symptom of 2-3 month pregnancy ^^

  2. I think a candy addiction is completely normal….

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