Happy Birthday Julian Assange! #JA41

Not only the brilliant mastermind behind Wikileaks, Julian Assange is the 21st century Robin Hood, ‘stealing’ from the ‘bad guys’ and giving it to those who walk around with their eyes closed.
Today we celebrate the Ausralian born cyber expert’s birthday. Born in Queensland, 3 July 1970. Assange moved a lot during his childhood, hopping school to school then eventually becoming home educated. Always having a strong sense of what’s wrong and what’s right, throughout his life, Julian was always working with computers and trying to get the news that everyone needs to see to light.
I’m not going to contaminate my post with current and past affairs, because you don’t do that. Talking about the alleged happenings, would be me using my birthday blog as a trojan horse. If you’re going to talk about something sensitive then talk about it straight.

What his actions and beliefs mean to me, are beyond words. What he does shows that it is possible for us to live in a better world, we just have to open our eyes. Its not unattainable like a peace filled Utopia, believing in Wikileaks means that you believe in the truth and when more people tell the truth, the better people behave.

Here’s to this birthday and to many more!

Even when his birthday is over for another year, if you support Julian then I would like you to comment below, your comment can be anonymous if you want it to, though if you provide a name it would be wonderful. Thank you.


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