Bye Bye BlackBerry?

I am so saddened to hear that BlackBerry are cutting 5,000 jobs after another year of losing billions of dollars.
I have had my BlackBerry for almost 5 months and I can barely be without it, its never given me any problems and it does everything I need it to.
Most of the losses have been thanks to the Stock market. If I were CEO of BlackBerry, I would have removed RIMM from the stock board at the first sign of troubles. Ploughing back in to the company and making money from sales of actual phones ONLY. The Stock Market is a dangerous place, you can be up at $48 per share one day and the next plummet down to $21. Why would you take a risk on a game that is basically Horseracing for suits?
Go to Twitter and you’ll see millions of people using BlackBerry’s. Barack Obama was adamant that he kept his when he was sworn in to office, despite fears of the unit’s safety factor. Many business men rely on their BlackBerry for work and personal usage, they have important emails to sent during the day and they don’t want to be sitting on a train with an iPhone, trying to type accurately on a touch screen, one wrong letter and they are now selling Smurf Control instead of Birth Control.
I think that even in times of change, value for money and reliability speaks volumes. Instead of getting greedy on the NYSE, they should be working for the people not the dollar.
I hope that the end is not nigh for BlackBerry (Research In Motion) and that they do something to fix this nosedive that they are in.


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  1. Who cares about me that I have a Nokia N82 😦

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