Wicked Queen Halfmoon’s

Wicked Queen Halfmoon's

Wicked Queen Halfmoon’s

You’ve heard of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo haven’t you? Well I think I’m slowly becoming the Girl With The Halfmoon Nails! I’ve almost done 3 designs in a row that are Halfmoon based and I think it will become my trademark.
So this time around I got my inspiration from Disney’s Snow White. The Wicked Queen who compromises the innocence of the beautiful red apple that Snow White eats shortly after the spell has been cast on it. The Queen was my whole inspiration. I don’t remember what the Queen’s nails looked like in the film (they were probably red, as was the popular colour in that era), but I took my nail art to embody what I think the Queen really should have had on her talons.
So I started with my Rimmel 5in1 base & top coat, as the base. Then I applied 2 coats of Creation’s 128, which is a light pink. You may have trouble getting your hands on this product as it came from overseas, so here is the Creation Store to help you. Then I got my Ciaté Wait Until Dark for the rich metallic aubergine. To get the ‘V’ in the halfmoon, twist your finger so that the hangnail is facing you. Its much easier to work using stokes going towards your body rather than away. Then get your polish brush and wipe the excess back in to the bottle. Line up the brush, so that its on the corner at the cuticle and diagonally follows the hangnail corner, so this means if you start at the top left nail corner of the cuticle, you end up at the bottom right corner of the hangnail. Once you’ve done the ‘V’ you can know in fill the rest of the nail, put a medium coat on as you don’t really want to have to go over it again and then once its dry, you can stick a top coat on.
If you have small nails or you want to do your pinky finger, instead of using the ‘wide’ side of your brush, tilt the brush to use the ‘narrow’ side, that way you get a larger ‘V’.
This design is great for those who want to experience the popular Spike shaped nail, glamorised by celebrities, but haven’t got the opportunity because of the commitment or hazardous nature, then you can have a Spike in your nail without the sharp!
As always I would be happy to see your pictures, tweet me the result @LeilaniDiana!
Good luck 🙂

Products I used

Products I used

Final result

Final result


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