Dear Freedom Fighter

I have followed you since your alleged accusation came to light and I don’t think you did it.
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and even if you get found guilty, then I believe you’re still innocent.
I’m not burying head in the sand, hoping that when I lift my head back up to see sunshine and daisies, I know I won’t. I’ll see the same grey concrete and stagnant cars that I saw when my head went down, I am being realistic and looking at it from the only logical way.
This time two weeks ago, your appeal was turned down. I was obsessed with running upstairs to check the news every 10 minutes, to make sure the worst hadn’t happened, but it had and you were denied. I showed a more human side to me today, and instead of a sad film making me cry, just these three small words ‘have turned down’ brought me to tears, I would be lying if I said my face was dry whilst writing this.
I am of perfect mental health and the people around me can vouch for that, so I know I’m not overreacting to your unjust situation. I’m holding back in saying so much, because I know it won’t make any sense saying what I truly think.
I was at this place for a while, it was lovely, now they are trying to get it all knocked down, to put a Tescos in. The detrimental effects of what Tescos would have on the little country roads due to the influx of customers/traffic and the direct impact it will have on the high street shops were published and the plans for the Tesco development were approved, it was a ‘majority’ vote of 6-5 that passed it. How is that a fair majority? I believe they should of had a recount.
I’m 16, but I’m so unconventional its unbelievable, I detest Justin Bieber, because he’s all about ‘peace’ but does nothing about it, that’s why I support you, because you want peace, but you do something about it.
I’ll keep hoping, if you keep fighting.
Yours sincerely


About theonlyavailableusername

A young girl finding her feet, trying to decide what to do with her life. This blog contains, opinions, stories, beauty and nature. All comments are welcome and if you like a post then please share it with your world =)

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