Teenage Parenthood Unwrapped

So I was looking for things to blog about and then my friend suggested the most obvious topic – teenage parenthood. I never thought of which angle to take on it, having never really had any contact with babies, I have no idea how hard it is for a young person to become a parent. So I went back to my friend to see if I could get an interview to help me out:
TOAU: How has having a child changed your life?
Cheney: Well… Have less time for myself, less friends, less money. Always responsible for someone less. School is a lot harder… Yet I love every second.
TOAU: But would you have said, that losing friends, made you realise who was actually there for you?
Cheney: Yeah of course, obviously its harder to socialise with a child but the friends that really care for me still bothered to make an effort to see me.
TOAU: Has having a baby, changed the way you see life?
Cheney: Yeah, I used to put myself first now I’m always putting my child first and realised someones always relying on me, makes me change my ways.
TOAU: What would you say to the people who put young mums in a bad light?
Cheney: Nothing, they can have there opinions. A mother is a mother no matter how old or young they are, as long as there looking after they’re child properly they should turn a blind eye to all them haters.
TOAU: That’s a really positive answer, if more people thought like you the world would be a better place! Finally, what would you say to a young person that thinks they are pregnant/is pregnant?
Cheney: Jheeze, well being pregnant young is a big thing personally through experience. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I’d say don’t terminate ’cause of age. It should be your decision to keep it or not, but you will have to think of the bigger picture like how your going to cope, money, the babyfather is more likely to walk out when your young even if they seem committed and faithful! But also think of your future and how it would change ’cause of a baby.
TOAU: Wise words, it was so nice interviewing you today. I hope the people reading this, realise that no matter what age you are, you can be a responsible parent and bring a happy and loved child in to this world. Thank you for your time!

So that took part, involving me and my best friend of 7 years, Cheney, she had a baby girl in November 2010 aged 14, now 16 she’s finishing her exams and will pursue her dreams in higher education.
I think it doesn’t matter what age a person becomes a parent, its whether or not they can look after their child and still have a healthy life. As always, there will always be one person who ruins the name of a young parent, but you see quite a few stories of ‘adult’ parents of ages 25-35 cruelly treating their children, so saying that a more mature person can be a better parent is complete bullscheiße!


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  1. Love it x

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