Newspaper nails

I got my inspiration for this design from the YouTube channel Cutepolish.
What you will need: A little jar that you can put a finger in, rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit and pre cut newspaper in a 2x2in square.
Start off by painting the nails a white or very very light grey colour. Put enough coats on so that its opaque, then when it is 100% dry (it’ll smudge if it isn’t fully dry) dip your finger in the jar with the rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit in for about 7 seconds, before you lift your finger out the jar, line up the piece of Newspaper with your other hand, take your finger out the jar then bam! Press the newspaper on the fingernail, firmly, but don’t let it slide, otherwise it will blur. Then when all 10 fingers are done, seal the nail design with a clear top coat. If you don’t, the ink will wash off. There you have it, Newspaper nails!

Here’s how the technique works:
The Rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit, softens the nail polish but doesn’t remove it like nail polish remover would.

A little tip I have for you is to get a little jar specially for your rubbing alcohol.. The best jar for this the one that face moisturisers come in, wait until you have an empty one, clean it out, then fill it up with the spirit, that way you will always have a handy jar! It never goes stale of out of date, so you can keep it for years as it sterilises itself!
Good luck and don’t forget to show me some pictures when you’ve tried it out!


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