Jubilee Memorabilia

Diamond Jubilee fever has spread throughout the country and its pretty hard not to hear ‘Diamond Jubilee’ every hour, this means free run on all sorts of commemorative memorabilia, from sick bags with our monarchs face on it to Gold plated coins with the patriots side profile stamped upon it. Some of the items are well made, others had no thought put in to them, the best of the worst memorabilia I saw last year, was to commemorate the marriage of William and Catherine, 99p shop had a whole range of cheap tat, and one of the items was a plush pillow, but the print was so bad, that the Duke and Duchess had death eyes, eyes black as pitch and for some strange reason, it looked like a bird pooped on Kate’s head.. Well it is from a shop that boasts everything is under a £1, what did you expect?
This year, for the Diamond Jubilee, I personally came across a mixed bag of items. The worst I saw were towels (the proper ones you dry yourself with) and tea cloths. Who would want to dry themselves with a towel that has her majestic face on? Or wipe their dirty hands on the Queens head tea towel? Unless you’re going to use them as a wall hanging, I think its downright disrespectful.
I think the best most affordable yet decent place to buy memorabilia was Lidl, they had some beautiful mugs, in boxed (cardboard round the sides) packaging.
Of course, upon asking an antique specialist if these somewhat novelty items – sick bags, tissues, toilet rolls etc. Would gain value as time goes on, the reply was ‘no’ but I suppose, what’s monetary value when it has sentimental meaning? Obviously anyone who is a collector of these things knows, to keep it in mint condition (still in its original box and unused) and to keep it safe from mould, damp etc.
If you would like to buy commemorative items from past Jubilees, royal weddings and other royal related things, check your charity shops! I volunteer for the British Heart Foundation and we always have Royal items coming through our doors, so keep your eyes peeled there, or failing that, visit collectors shops/websites and eBay!
Did you buy any memorabilia? What did you buy? 🙂


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