I’m back!

So as you all know, I had eaten all my data, hence my absence.. This time 2 years ago, I used to use my phone, solely for the purpose of texts and facebook, now I hardly ever text and only really use my phone for internet, blogging and twitter. Because of that I am forced to pay for texts that I don’t need, just so I can have 500mb *rolls eyes*, but I can blog about that again some other time!
Having no internet, meant nothing to stare at on my large square screen, nor did it mean sifting through emails half asleep when I had just woken up, it was wonderful! I think I might do it again sometime, though next time I’ll just use the ‘switch off data services’ button in the network settings rather than running out of megabytes.
Things get done when I’m not staring at my glowing screen. I actually have nothing to do, so I suppose saying that things get done, is a bit of an exaggeration, but I worked on my tan, worked on some more interesting blogs for y’all and I picked up one of those strange paper thingys, y’know the ones that have a front and back cover?
I must admit, as soon as I got the ‘Your data use has exceeded your Freedom Freebee limit. Until the end of your current 30day Freebee period you will be charged a daily usage rate (£1 per 25MB)’ text, my little heart sank in to the small gap between my shoe and toes, I thought I was going to melt without that familiar warm (loved) glow a busy BlackBerry provides you with.. But as you can see, the lack of email didn’t harm me.
I also think that I slept better, as I wasn’t kept up by that nagging “g’wan, just one more page” and then one more page turns in to twelve more pages and what was once 11pm has now zoomed by in to almost 2am!
I managed to get in to trouble with tree sap, nettles and other people.. Who needs internet, the virtual world, when we can get in to trouble with the real world!
I do have to admit, nearing the end of my abstinence I was starting to miss Twitter, mainly, not so much Facebook (for obvious reasons) but to be honest there’s no real point in missing them really, because no one messages me any more, but I am curious to see if my followers went up a little.
I hope you all behaved yourselves while I was away and didn’t get in to too much trouble, mainly stuff that involves cells, because then I would lose readers :p
But joking aside, its fabulous to be able to blog again and if I had the opportunity to make a professional career out of blogging, then I would.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.


About theonlyavailableusername

A young girl finding her feet, trying to decide what to do with her life. This blog contains, opinions, stories, beauty and nature. All comments are welcome and if you like a post then please share it with your world =)

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