Diamond Jubilee Flyover

Yesterday, I was privileged to watch the Royal Diamond Jubilee flyover go past my house! Personally I think I had the best view, as I live just outside of Windsor, so all I had to do was stick my head out my window and there was my airshow, in direct path. No crammed or invaded personal space and no parking/public transport dilemmas!
I took as many photo’s as I could, I was a bit gutted over the big planes, as they had to turn early because they aren’t as fast as their upgrades, so I didn’t get any great close ups of them, but luckily, the ‘EIIR’ and ’60’ stayed in formation and I was one of the last houses to see it formation, later that day I was goofing around saying that 70 years on, Lancaster Bomber planes are still flying over our house, which is technically true because my house is pre WWII.
I felt so proud to be British, we have a fantastic monarchy and a happy Queen, we will be hosts to the greatest show on Earth in under 68 days, I know times are tough, be we as a country can pull through!
I know that I saw something that I will quite possibly (unless they create a potion for invincibility) never see another Diamond Jubilee celebration ever again, but I know that once is enough, because our Queen looked so happy.
I posted the album on Photobucket, so I hope you all enjoy! Unfortunately you’ll have to copy & paste the link in to your http bar because I still haven’t figured out how to add links that actually go somewhere!
If you want to use any of the photos please contact me before you reproduce them, as copyright belongs to me.


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