Facebook and Advertising.

So from my sick bed (Tonsillitis for the 3rd time this year), I was watching a documentary on BBC2 called Inside Facebook: Zuckerburg’s $100 Billion Gamble.
It was basically stating everything I was talking about last time around when I posted a blog, but they threw another criticism in my pot, they talked about how we are becoming a walking commercial, look at your news feed (desktop only), on the left hand side, you’ll find the commercial bar ‘Ann Example likes Coca Cola’ so basically and people may not be aware of this but big companies use your face as an endorsement once you’ve liked the page, I personally think its a big slap in the face, because they are using people power to boost sales, what would you rather see? “Drink Coca Cola!” Or “Ann Example drinks Coca Cola”, Ann Example happens to be your bestie, so of course you’re bound to follow in the footsteps rather than a product that just says drink me. That’s how they play you, they are getting added revenue because its basically virtual word of mouth, only thing that isn’t virtual is the money, and do we see a penny of it after being used as a walking billboard? Do we hell!
ONLY become an advert if you know you are gonna get money, don’t be used as free advertising, because all it helps is the company and you don’t even get a slice of the profit made thanks to your endorsement.
Take a page out of the students who use their body as walking advertising real estate.


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