My war on Facebook

“I shall express the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I understand that if I publish any fabrication’s, I am liable to get sued.”

I have enough mud to sling at Facebook until the cows come home, its intrusive, petty, socially killing, time wasting, bully spawing virtual garbage.
The ironic thing is that this blog post can be shared on Facebook!
I’ll start with the time consuming part, you promise yourself “just half an hour” which then rolls in to an hour and then another hour, for what? To see that really important status update of someone telling practically the world ‘omfg tonight is going off!’, really? Because its such a life or death situation that you need to keep checking your news feed. No wonder people are slow, sluggish, lazy and everything takes ‘long’ just climbing the stairs is ‘efffffforttttt’ *raises eyebrows* its because we have been trained to stay glued to the mind sapping woes of Facebook!
Now, the whole privacy thing, I read the entire terms and conditions recently, I even took a photo to prove I wasn’t huffing happy seeds and imagined the whole thing up, they openly admit that they watch everything you do, even if all you did was type something, delete it and not even send it, they still see what you were going to write, but this also means that they see who you interact with the most, which profiles you ‘stalk’ and now what papers you read and what kind of articles you like to see, creepy huh?
Next up bully spawing! The road of being bullied on Facebook is pretty much endless as once you’ve blocked one bully, they’ll ask their friend or even worse make up a fake account and start messaging you again, sometimes they’ll even go as far as impersonating one of your own friends, and then add you, you accept thinking its your bestie, when turns out its the bully back with revenge. Its not just one on one bullying either, you can see what pictures your friends like and the standing joke seems to be liking pictures of slightly large people with cruel captions added. Its not big and its not funny.
Coming soon to a town near you: Facebook, the social killer 2.0! if you let facebook in to your lives, it takes the joy and emotion out of friendship, because you’re constantly poking, liking and commenting, eventually you get the whole conversation that comes to a full circle in 0-3 minutes, at least with an email you couldn’t see if the person was online replying to stuff while you were waiting for a reply.
From personal experience, I actually had some photos of me, stolen by 2 ‘friends’ of mine, I had gotten close to them, but they still stole the photos and when I asked them to, they wouldn’t remove them, which has kind of scared me what with photoshop out there and all that jazz, for the record though, if any of you see a birthday suit pic of me floating around the world wide web, its not me, because I am not in to sending that sort of thing!
One facebook friend (of whom I stupidly introduced in to the world of Facebook), thought because she had no friends of her own, she had to add all my friends, and then she started talking to them as though she had known them for years, it made me feel physically sick, how could she do this to me? I wouldn’t have minded if she had actually met them, but she hadn’t. I explained to her that you add your friends, just because there is a ‘people you might know’ box on the left, doesn’t mean you have to click ‘+add friend’ each time, only add them if you know them. To this day, she still hasn’t unfriended my friends and she still hasn’t removed my photos. I have blocked her from my page and I have also blocked her from my Twitter.
Also, speaking of her has made me remember another thing, those groups (facebook does try to jump on them, but when you have 40m users, it gets kind of hard), the amount of times I have come across facebook groups with sexual content, including phone number exchange, meet ups and skyping, is ridiculous!
The bit I loved was the lack of security, they should bring in a rule, for example accounts made after 13/5/12 should have ID provided, and to prove a point of how easy it is to make an account, I took my (real) 16 year old, female, London self and in under 20 minutes, I became 52 year old Tomas Wyatt from Illinois. Obviously I deactivated the account straight away because its fraudulent to portray someone you aren’t, but I did it to prove my point.
I’m telling you one thing, the whole $100bn shares that they’re launching, I will NOT be a part of it!
Since I deactivated my account, I reactivated about twice and I was really creeped out to see that someone had private messaged me when my account was supposedly down!
I have no ambition to go back to the blue demon fulltime, because its a vicious blue hell, but I will not openly encourage users to jump ship because that would be defeating the whole idea of free media, I want people to have their own opinions on the matter and not my forced upon ideal.

By the way, to protect myself again, I looked up the meaning of the word slander, just to verify:
1. Law Oral communication of
false statements injurious to a
person’s reputation.
2. A false and malicious
statement or report about someone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!


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  1. Well ..
    I wouldn’t know where to begin. This is all true and i similarly experienced the same and have dealed with these kind of issues with friends.
    They would do anything to grab your attention for their own benefit. We’ve got children, they’ve got a future. Facebook is harmful. Do you guys know how many incidents of kidnapping and rapping kids, teenagers and adults both males and females in sex have occurred because of facebook ??
    This has to stop, facebook has done nothing but turning closest friends into enemies, jailed people and killed innocents ..
    I am totally against this social site, plus, i have deactivated my facebook account for a year now and i haven’t been back on since. Ofcourse i’m not willing to.
    People should be living in a safe environment 🙂

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