Do people really care anymore?

Have you ever posted a one off sad status on Facebook, or been feeling really miserable and the closest people to you oblivious to how you’re really feeling?
I watched a 6 part BBC drama called The Tube earlier this year, it was real, non staged drama with scenes of how the London transport ticks along day by day, one of the most profound scenes, was this woman who was standing on the platform waiting for the train, the influx of people made her lose her footing on the platform and she fell on to the lines as the train was coming through and no one cared, it was their fault she fell on to the tracks and no one bothered to raise the alarm, if it wasn’t for surveillance cameras, they wouldn’t have known if it was another suicide or not. In another episode, a man was having a heart attack on the platform and people were stepping over him just so they could get on their train, yet again surveillance cameras played a key in it all, because they are watched 24/7.
How can you just step over a dying man?
I’m not trying to seek attention, but whenever my friends update social networks, I’ll message them to see if they’re alright, they thank me and tell me they feel better and yet when I’ve ever seemed upset, none of my ‘friends’ come running to me, I’m wondering if we are losing our ability to care? Of course, as always I will blame Facebook (but I’ll leave my facebook lambasting for another day), I also blame the government because they are the ones practically forcing parents to go to work more or less as soon as the child is born, so that key family bond and interaction is essentially lost, I know I can’t really sling the mud at the parents themselves because, what with the rising cost of living, being a stay at home (unless you have a very successful at home business) parent simply isn’t feasible anymore.
But growing up when the only times you see your parents for anything up to 8 hours a day, means they see more of their job than they do of the child!
Recently I have become obsessed with watching hit 70’s show Little House On The Prairie, its so refreshing, that in the old days, people weren’t the headless buck chasing chickens that you see running around nowadays, I was watching an episode today called ‘A matter of faith’ and I actually laughed when Pa Ingalls admitted that ‘the world is a terrible place’ and I instantly thought, that their time compared to ours, their time was heaven! No pollution, no excessive taxes or bills, only a small amount of keeping up with the Jones’es and the children were allowed to play outside and down by the stream without fear of Herbert the Pervert kidnapping them. They all had strong family ethics and not one of them texted underneath the dinner table whilst saying grace! If they had guests over they would always offer a meal before they left. Little House On The Prairie is a true story, based on the journals of Laura Ingalls Wilder, she documented how fine and loving her childhood was growing up in the late 1800’s, so I’m not just making a fabricated show of greener pastures up!
Ironically, I’m doing all this ranting on a BlackBerry®, king of the ‘why the heck haven’t they answered yet’ mentality, only difference is I put my BlackBerry® down when someone wants to talk to me (unless I dislike the topic or person).
When was the last time you wrote an actual letter? Typing one off the computer doesn’t count, so literally when was the last time you put pen to paper, and more to the point, when was the last time you had a handwritten letter opposed to the standard bills and junk mail you get on a day to day basis? Now when you file off an email or text you’re instantly sitting their at your phone like a demented dog waiting for you to chuck their favourite toy.. Ping me, ping me, ping me is what you start to think and symptoms of a. Text not replied to in that golden ten minutes are irritability, anxiousness and grumbly grinch.
So, I’ll give you a little test, see how long you can go refraining from texting, facebook, emails and generally other virtual correspondence that encourages us to become more and more antisocial! Comment below and tell me how well you got on, normally, the first 3 hours (if you’re a regular every 15 minute phone checker) will be the hardest, but persevere, because at the end of it, you can say you escaped from your antisocial zombielike state of button stabbing!

Good Luck! 🙂


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