Think of something that begins with ‘super’ most likely you thought of Superman or Nicki Minaj’s Superbass.. But the word on a lot of peoples lips this weekend was Supermoon.

Supermoon is the phenomenon where the moon is 13-15% closer than average when full, thanks to light pollution, car pollution and general pollution, it gives the moon an orange reddy glow, but by the time its fully up there in the sky, it goes back to its beautiful white.
The standing joke though was ‘that’s not the moon, its a flying blood orange!’. Of course there are some fantastic myths that surround the moon and even more so with the Supermoon, one of the best ones I think is the whole werewolf thing and the potential that it could bring the inner strigoi in every vampire obsessed person, if nothing else, its a great excuse to have Shakira’s She Wolf playing on repeat!
If you say to an astronomer ‘hey did you see the supermoon last night?’ They would probably reply ‘yes, but its actually called perigee-syzygy’ I much prefer to call it a supermoon thought 😉
So if you missed out on seeing it this year, you will be able to see it again June 23, 2013!

Did you get to see it or take any photos? I currently have some photos up on Twitter @LeilaniDiana if you would like to see them!


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