Oops I did it again!

So after all my anti facebook drum banging that I did, I reactivated *cues gasps*.. But I did it for a rather selfless reason, I went back to find out some birthdays and emails, oh and to status update about the beautiful Supermoon out there!
Am I disappointed with myself? Not in the slightest, because I wasn’t cowtowing the Facebook norm, nor was I attention grabbing by saying ‘this is the last time I’ll ever be online people’ I thought it was nice to talk about the Supermoon and if I ever do reactivate for good, its a nice post to have taken a break from.
Though, to set the record on the day that I decided to leave the facebook pirate ship, I also deleted my facebook app (clogs up valuable memory) and I’m quite glad to say, that the little blue f gremlin wasn’t sitting on my shoulder screaming ‘poke someone’ or ‘like me’ which I think is good going, which just goes to prove that if you decide to boycott Facebook, you won’t shrink up and die!
Have any of you gone back momentarily on your virtual word?


About theonlyavailableusername

A young girl finding her feet, trying to decide what to do with her life. This blog contains, opinions, stories, beauty and nature. All comments are welcome and if you like a post then please share it with your world =)

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