What were you scared of when you were little?

When you were little, did you have any rituals to keep the beasties at bay or things you would do at night?
To be honest, I still class myself as a kid, even though I’m 16, but for purposes of this article, I shall say when I was a kid!
So, when I was a kid I had a huge fear of the dark, I even had a night light to banish the imaginary beasts! As soon as it was dark, I would refuse to look out my bedroom window, or any of the windows for that fact, I always thought that there would be a menacing looking gnome/gargoyle hanging upside-down peering at me with teeth flashed. Boy did I have a vivid imagination! I also haven’t gotten over that fear of looking out the window at night.
I also used to think that if you were on the toilet mid poop, a hand would grab you and pull you in to the toilet..

I was kept away from horror movies when I was a child, so none of them ever messed with my thoughts, I suppose, I just had very creative thoughts!

So, what were you (or still are) afraid of?


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