Reasons for keeping Twitter

Here are 10 reasons why I kept my Twitter account:

    1. Its Public, only Direct Messages are hidden.
    2. Contacting Twitter is effortless and I’ve had replies within 48hrs.
    3. Anyone can look at my page, interact with me and follow me.
    4. Its not a breeding ground for ‘like for a status’ or ‘all likes returned’
    5. You don’t have to upload photo albums, if you have a picture, you upload them to your photo hosting site and they’ll appear on your Twitter.
    6. There are less duck pouts and fake tans on Twitter display photos.
    7. Twitter all around isn’t intrusive with a billion questions like interested in, relationship status, quotes etc..
    8. If someone unfollows you and then follows you back, its not as blatent as some unfriending then sending a friend request.
    9. Following (unless the account is set on private) is instant, you follow and its done, no waiting around for accepting!
    10. Trends and Hashtags are awesome and actually mean something.

Facebook is becoming intrusive.. When I signed up to Twitter, I was surprised at the lack of questions, because I was used to facebooks 10,000 questions and what colour are your grandmothers eyes! Setting up was easy, the only downside to Twitter is a lack of Chat, though if you have 1548 followers that you don’t know, I understand why there isn’t a chat application!
All in all, I feel much safer on Twitter and if I am being watched I prefer to be watched on something the whole world can see, rather than something that I believe is private, but is being snooped on through curtains.

Are you a Twitter user? Comment below on why you like Twitter! All comments can be anonymous if you’re comment shy, but if you include a name that would be really cool 🙂

I have nothing to hide, but I still feel like my space is being encroached if I am being told something is private when its quite the opposite


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