Rich but Poor in happiness, or Poor but rich in happiness?

Rich but Poor in happiness.
Having millions in the bank, but never feeling the joy of not having to pay another bill in your whole life ever again, or feeling the happiness, when a butterfly lands on your nose.

Poor but Rich in happiness.
Barely having enough money to get through aa week, but smiling all the time at all the good things in life, your kids, your friends, nature or even sunny days.

Difficult choice isn’t it? But I know which one I would choose, if I was sitting in a room with that ultimatum, a lifetime supply of money sitting on a desk and next to it, a chute for all my money and assets because I chose happiness over wealth.
I would choose that chute.. Not being able to even express the love and warm feeling I get from just my dog telling me good morning, would kill me. Sitting at a 24ft long table, pottering around at what to do next with limitless money would be exhausting, because you couldn’t even enjoy donating £1m to the RSPCA or Save The Children.

Given the choice, what would you do?


About theonlyavailableusername

A young girl finding her feet, trying to decide what to do with her life. This blog contains, opinions, stories, beauty and nature. All comments are welcome and if you like a post then please share it with your world =)

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