When does Facebook get intrusive?

In an exclusive interview with ABC at Facebook HQ, founder Mark Zuckerburg revealed how he was going to add a new feature to Facebook.
In the next Facebook update, you will have a chance to tell the word (or your select audience) whether or not you are an organ donor.

My view.
This to me, is really intrusive and pretty pointless.
Because if a person dies, they organs have 8 hours before decomposition sets in. Are they going to track the recently deceased that inconveniently didn’t take their organ donor card with them? More importantly, would they just be allowed access to see this, or would they have to ask a distraught family member to check their page?
Another reason why I’m against this new policy is because it allows other people to guilt trip the non donors.
We can imagine it now, a facebook spat, all because so and so, didn’t say yes to being an organ donor.
I believe its extremely intrusive, what will be next on the ‘about’ section? What car do you drive? Who do you bank with?

So that’s my view on the whole thing, don’t get me wrong, I am a member of facebook and I quite like it, but sometimes, they demand too much personal information.
As always, feel free to comment on what I have to say and let’s have a mass debate*!

*No puns included.


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