Should there be an age limit on talent shows?

Anyone that saw Britain’s Got Talent last night, would have seen little Malaki Paul break down in tears, in the middle of his rendition of Listen by Beyoncé.
At the moment he broke down, ITV (of course) went for a commercial break, and then came back explaining what had happened and then they went to cut scene of little Malaki’s mother saying how he loves to perform, but he has nerves and that he always had her to look to whenever he got quivery.. As soon as he started sobbing, both Amanda and Alesha started to well up looking shocked, they both started to get up, but Alesha got to him first as well as his mum. Alesha checked to see if he wanted to continue his performance.
In the end the kid finished his act and he got a standing ovation followed by 4 ‘yes’ from the judges.
It all had echoes of a few years ago, little Hollie Steele, who go to the live Semi Finals, and sang Edelweiss, she got half way through and started sobbing.. The pressure got too much for her and the top man had to pay the commercial companies back as their adverts weren’t show because little Hollie wanted to sing again.
Then there was another little girl in America, she was booted of the newly made X Factor USA, she kept howling ‘but mommy you promised’, how can you promise someone they’ll win a nationwide competition?

Both the Children could sing though, that’s the thing. They have voices of angels but sometimes, they just aren’t ready for the pressure of the limelight.

Should there be an age limit for televised talent contests?
Feel free to comment everyone 🙂


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  1. I’d never considered this question before (probably because I haven’t watched television in years), I don’t know about an age limit; but they should perhaps go through a more rigorous procedure before allowing people to audition. Right now it’s pretty easy to just have a go at it, and as far as I know there isn’t many checks in place. I would expect that the shows quite like these “incidents” though, they cause a media buzz (free publicity!) and some people find that kind of on-screen drama more interesting than the shows actual purpose. So I’d be surprised if there’s any change in this situation any time soon.

    • I am totally so the same page with you.. For Britain’s Got Talent, I know that you can’t just turn up though, there is actually a process behind the scenes that goes on, one of the big noises in production actually holds auditions in smaller county’s first, that way the wittle out the truly awful.
      That’s why whatever you see is a farce, because someone must have told the judges what the act is, and how to act.
      I probably shouldn’t have said what I just said ._. But hey, its the truth.

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