What does the internet mean to us?

What is the internet?

That’s it simply put, what is the internet?
How has something so new revolutionised our lives so much?
I took to a group that I’m part of on facebook, to ask what the internet really means to us, and what they thought, here are some opinions:

“The internet is one of, if not the most significant invention in human history. It is a source of both information and entertainment, and something that our society will continue to centre its evolution around. However, in many places it has become corrupt, but that is to be expected, since the world is.”
“Without the internet, I’d be a very different person. Probably a lot more successful person too.”
“It’s useful for studying things and finding out things, but not for solving mysteries because google never has the answers to the unsolved… unfortunately.”
“It’s good for research but often doesn’t work, and you have to take what it says with a large pinch of salt quite often… but very useful, all the same.”
“I think its a very powerful tool for work and your social life but it can be used for evil sometimes”
“It’s a terrible thing. But at the same time, SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL.”

So mixed thoughts, the internet can be used for so much nowadays, homework, work, social networking and many other good things in the world.
But does it utilise our time better learning through a screen rather than hands on?
Let’s use YouTube as an example, some educational videos are on there, like Travellinguist, which gives lessons in most languages, so you can learn a new language every month, if you like. Then we have other videos on there, not so educational such as ‘Charlie bit me -again’ which at the moment has amassed 449,420,225 views, good huh? I suppose, if you’re taking a break from studying, they’re the perfect light entertainment videos to stress relieve.
I am actually learning a language using solely the internet, I want to prove that it is possible, with perseverance that I can become fluent in whatever language I like.. Unfortunately, the lesser known languages like Tibetan, don’t have many resources, so instead I chose Romanian, and I’m coming along in it quite nicely!
Social networking has really brought friendship viral, from the old school ones Bebo and MSN, to the newer, perhaps 2.0 of friendship sites, Facebook and Twitter. These are some great sites to share photos of the latest holiday, tell everyone your news and now share you location. But at what point does the social network become too viral? Sadly, sometimes you can’t even go a month without a trend on twitter being dedicated to someone who has committed suicide through bullying and trolls. One hugely known case of trolling ruining someone’s life is a girl named Jessi Slaughter, in one video, she was brave, standing up to the keyboard ninjas, but 2 days later another video of her is posted, practically having a breakdown, with her father shouting in the background, expressing his anger at the trolls. Its all really moving stuff, how after vowing not to let it get to her, it eventually did.
You can’t escape bullying on social network sites, and its not even a case of ‘if you don’t like heat, get out the kitchen’, or in layman terms, if you don’t like the cyber nasties, then don’t join up. That isn’t the case, the peer pressure is phenomenal and not only that, things that seem dangerous always have a way of niggling in our heads saying ‘look at me, join me’.
Websites that harbour personal information and utilise location data, are a breeding ground for stalkers, haven’t you noticed that celebrities never take advantage of adding a location to tweets and updates?
Also coming in to the spotlight, is porn. I read somewhere that even 7 year old’s have seen pornographic images on the internet.. 7 year old’s? When I was 7 seven, I didn’t even know how babies were made. I got sexual education at around 10, but I didn’t feel a need to hop on the computer and start googling bums and boobs. But now boys as young as 10 are obsessed with porn, then expecting the girls to look like barbie dolls and do exceptional things with their tongues *shudders* a teenage boy recently got put on the sexual offenders list, but the ironic thing is, he’s never been kissed, but now he’s been branded for life.
If I had the time to write down every good thing and every bad thing about the internet, then I think this would resemble a famous book called War and Peace, but I think you would be falling asleep if I did that. So I’ll leave you with my own parting words:

What is put on the internet, will stay on there for the longevity of the internet. So if you wouldn’t print it off and stick to every lamppost in the world, then don’t put it on the internet.


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