Whats the first thing you do when you wake up?

Random idea, but I was wondering what was the first thing most people do when they wake up?
I sent a bbm broadcast out there, asked a few more friends, put it to a group I’m part of on facebook and took to the forgotten world of texting, curious to see the results..

Around 85% confessed to checking their phone, one actually kindly went further to say she checked her iPhone first, then her BlackBerry second (poor BlackBerry).
Others gave varied ideas, some funny but true, like ‘breath and open eyes’ others mentioned recalling dreams of REM sleep.
Some also supplied details of what happens next:
“I check my phone, then look in the mirror and depress myself with the reflection”
“I often scramble mentally to
remember what day it is/what’s
happening on that day/what I was dreaming about and then I either turn over and go back to sleep, or generally (which I’m almost ashamed of, as it’s so stereotypicaly teenage) I check my phone… I’ll normally need to turn off an alarm, too”
“the first thing I do? Rush to the other end of the room to turn my alarm clock off and get dressed!”
Some also stated how they get up and shower, but I think the best one was about a girl whose first item on the morning agenda was to log in to facebook, but if it wasn’t possible for her to log in, she would listen to an Audio Book instead 🙂

Hands down though, it was the phone that won the morning activities which kind of makes me wonder, before social media sites and mobile phones, what did our grandparents do first thing when they woke up?

The first thing I do in the morning, is tell my dogs good morning as they are far better than any alarm clock and never fail to wake me up. Then I check my phone.


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