What fuels our love of celebrity private lives?

Everyday, you see a new ‘story’ on a celebrity, who are they going out with, if they’re on a rebound and of course the old favourite, they’ve split!
But what fuels our desire to read about normal people trying to get on with their lives?
One example I’ll use is Andrew Stone, there are always stories about him, mainly saying that he is gay, Andrew has said to the world many times before that he isn’t gay, and that he is selective about girlfriends, because he wants to make sure that person is with him for him, not him the money.
Why are we so preoccupied with who is gay and who isn’t? If we have admiration for the person that they are, surely when they come out, we won’t hate them, because we liked them before they came out and its not like they have grown another leg and dyed their hair with a purple mohawk!
I find it highly amusing, that we stick our noses in people business and yet, if you went to Birmingham for example and just knocked on a random non celebrities door, and asked them if they were in a relationship, they would probably tell you, where you can go with the questions!
When Demi Moore had a breakdown, I’m sure the last thing she wanted was to be ridiculed in tabloids.

But I suppose in a day and age of where everyone wants a job, if we didn’t have media personalities, paparazzi wouldn’t have a job.

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