420 aka Weed Day

First of all, I would like to make clear that, even though I am talking about drugs, I DO NOT want ‘pro’ comments, saying yes it should be legalised with proper reasons is fine, but I don’t want ‘its great if use smoke it with x’ comments, these are hurtful to the blog and I will be moderating ALL comments.

Yesterday was a ‘holiday’ called 420, which is observed every 4th of April, usually at 4:20pm.. The practise is to basically get stoned and smoke weed, of course there is some background to it other than just getting high.
The observance of 420 (pronounced four,twenty), started 41 years ago, on a campus in California. Ever since then, the holiday has started taking place all over the world, even in England at Hyde Park this year.
There has always been an argument with the drug, despite the fact that, if you got all the toxins in one joint and swallowed it, it wouldn’t kill you as instantly as a ‘normal’ cigarette would.
But like many other things, it is after all, addictive and that’s when things start to get tough, if things are left to get in such a state, it can cause permanent damage, if a ‘bad batch’ is consumed. Also, its expensive, so addicts will do anything just to get their fix for the evening.
In recent light though, people have been seeing the drug for more than just getting high, more and more people are learning how it can relieve pain in certain illnesses, and even suppress certain illnesses, as of yet though, cannabis for medicinal purposes, hasn’t been legalised, but it might be one day!
Unfortunately, with it staying illegal, consumption remains underground, meaning that dealers, just out there to make a buck, will mix it with all sorts of terrible things, which in turn could create a bad experience. Because it isn’t mainstream like cigarettes, there is no quality control on it, so no one really knows which batch will be bad. There is always that added scary reality too that once you’ve dipped your toe into the underworld of drugs, it leads you wanting to try stronger drugs, like heroin and cocaine.

So what’s your opinion on all of this? Should it be legalised and why? Or should it stay illegal and remain underground?

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  1. please read this through!! ^^ i know you are moderating the comments but people should be allowed to post what they want, unless its hate or whatever :/ if you stop people posting things just because it doesnt fit in with your ideal of a proper blog page, thats effectively taking away their right of speech. i mean, if they were actually talking, you wouldnt exactly go, ‘oh you cant say that, ill gag you.’ its not really ethical…despite what you go on about in the home ed page :/

  2. I’m not going to gag anyone, I just didn’t want trolls coming across my page encouraging the best ways of how to cut a joint, merely for the safety aspect. I believe that my page should be suitable for everyone, if people want to learn methods of doing drugs, then they should wikipedia it, because I refuse to let my blog become a medium for tips like that.
    You’re right though, I truly believe in free social media, but when it comes to a point where demonstrations start coming in, that’s when the line has to be drawn.
    Thank you for the feedback, have a nice day šŸ™‚

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