GCSES: do they really better a person?

With formal Exam season coming up, I would be interested in your opinions. Do GCSES really define a person and set them up for life? Or do they cause unnecessary stress and don’t help future employers?

The idea.
The idea that GCSES create, is that they show what the person is capable of, for example, Sara got an A* on her English lit. Whereas Megan got an A on her English lit. So to prospective employers, Sara has more chance of being employed than Megan, because Sara scored higher, despite the fact that Megan is more of a bookworm.
Another reason behind it, is to merely fuel a schools ego, with the top pass rates of every school in that local area being printed in the local rag, a flagging school will feel so elated with itself when it achieves a 89% pass rate for that end of term year.

The argument.
The argument behind GCSES is that, it only shows the person as being a one dimensional cardboard cut out; this is how they see a young adult today.
Billy: Maths B, English A*, Science D, etc.
Instead they should see Billy, for the person that he really is.
Billy: avid gardener, Shakespeare enthusiast and great with the ageing community.
But nowadays, individuality, seems to account for nothing and its all ‘Mandy and Jack know how to write their names and add up competently’.
Another argument about the exam is the stress it causes, pushing the adolescents to stimulating drugs, depression and sometimes even suicide.. Sometimes young people nowadays, experience too much too soon, so while Daniel is revising, a loved family member is battling cancer, or his family is relying on him to get good grades, just so their debt can be payed off, one day the stress just gets to them.
Another point, is expectation. Be it from the parents or on the person themselves, can you imagine the heartbreak and anger at themselves they feel when they don’t get the expected grades?

I know that for a fact, that if I was an employer, I would bypass the who grades on a Resume, I would get to know the person.

There may be 7 billion people living on planet Earth, but we are more than just a number, we are living, individual humans.

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  1. No, GCSE’s mean absolutely nothing and say nothing about a person.
    GCSE’s measure your capacity to pass an exam in a certain way, not how well you know the subject (I can say this because I have taken GCSE’s).
    It also helps school’s reputations.
    Although I have to point out that it is probably easier for employers to look for suitable GCSE’s rather than the interests of a person. It’s like a coding system or something that basically says you have basic skills, like being able to use a computer and add up correctly.
    Also, although some universities are beginning to consider GCSE results before letting in potential students, they do mainly assess a person based on their personal statement, which states their interests and personal qualites. =)

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