For now, Dick Clark…so long

A few hours ago, the American legend Richard Wagstaff Clark, who carved a much loved household name for himself as Dick Clark, passed away.
Born November 30, 1929 in
Mount Vernon, New York. Dick became an only child after his older brother Bradley was tragically killed in world war II.
He had a varied career, in 1945, he started working in the mailroom of the family radio station, he was then promoted as a weatherman and then a news announcer, that was the start of great things to come, in a career that spanned almost 70 years, with 3 wives and 3 children later, with careers ranging from a disk jockey to a businessman and leaving every show simply by saying “For now, Dick Clark…so long” and then giving a military salute, Dick Clark became the man who was lovingly referred to as “the worlds oldest teenager” and becoming a name on the tip of peoples tongues of every generation, Dick Clark will most certainly be missed. R.I.P


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