Everything out there either gives us cancer or panic attacks..

After reading an article in the Daily Mail today, I have come to the conclusion that EVERYTHING in the world is trying to kill us; that sounds a bit paranoid doesn’t it? But that’s how 21st century Earth is trying to make us feel don’t you think?
Here’s an example: “Dark chocolate causes cancer!” And two weeks later.. “Dark chocolate kills cancer cells and maintains a healthy heart!”.
Seeing a double standard here? Good to hear that I’m not the only one!
Of course, this isn’t just about the big C.. No, this is also about the fact that ‘an aspirin a day keeps alzheimer’s at bay, but may also weaken the heart’ and many other double standard stories!
Since when did we become a society that were worried if that lettuce leaf (pesticides) would kill us? What happened to just living?
SMOKING KILLS” well, I’m pretty darn sure that getting run over by a bus kills too!
Just eat what you want (except humans as that’s illegal and wrong) and don’t worry, because by next week, it’ll probably become a miracle food!

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